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Avengers (1963) #10 cover

Avengers (1963) #10

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The Story
Immortus, Master of Limbo, begins years of manipulation by joining the Masters of Evil and fragmenting the Avengers! Earth's mightiest heroes battles titans from across time, and nothing is as it seems!
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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The Wasp doesn't seem to count as a real Avenger most of the time - each Avenger has to fight a foe from the past, except her. And when Zemo and the Masters of Evil attack the Avengers, each of them picking one Avenger to fight, noone is going for her as if she doesn't exist.

I'm surprised to have the same villains show up in so many issues. It's fun reading these shorter stories but it's a bit redundant after a while, and I can't wait to have story lines that go over more than one issue. I'm still enjoying it, and it's geat to see all the characters when they were still so new and see the history between them.

gwines member

Paul Bunyan, Attila the Hun, Goliath, Merlin, Hercules

BradIsLove member

Lord, this issue was silly.

charlieboy16 member

Interesting that Giant Man fought Goliath, a name that he would change to later.

webadurg member

It counts, it counts big time.


It was interesting to see Thor fighting Hercules. I wonder if in the Marvel Universe this encounter with Hercules counts.

JackStamper member

@augustborn And Iron Man fought Merlin, who fought Thor in a previous issue of Journey into Mystery. I think they explained later Immortus took the people from the past of another dimension.

This issue was another loveletter to Captain America, who just this month started to get his own series. Stan must've had little confidence in Cap at the start, since he had to explain several times, why he's a good hero. This hurts the story a bit, just as much as the same "I'm not sure if Rick should be Bucky"-story as before.

But the main faults of this story are ones we already sadly know: The Avengers immediately believing a stranger and being led to fight each other (how stupid this plotpoint is becomes obvious, once Giant-Man can finally say: "Calm down guys, let's just go, where he wants to go."). The villain with an interesting concept, but a bad execution (So what was Immortus' plan? Capture Bucky and get the Avengers to fight his time-warriors...as if he needed a hostage for that). And the funniest thing: Halfway through the story, Stan kinda had enough from Immortus. After losing a couple of rounds, he takes Cap back into the past so he can fight some Guards...and then the story skips to the Masters of Evil kinda deciding; "Oh, they're missing their weakest member. We can't lose!" They attack the others, are about to win...and suddenly Cap is back, saying: "Yup, I just kinda won, and Immortus send me back"

And at the very end, the Enchantress couldn't take more of this adventure, and said: "No, everyone stop, I'll just...make this never have happened, okay?" "Can you do that?" "Don't worry, me being able to do that will be erased as well."

Not a good story, sadly. Stan seemed a bit confused at this time, where to go with this team...an indicator for the changes, about to come?