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Avengers (1963) #11

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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Well I had fun reading this story. You have to take into account that these were aimed at a much younger audience than nowadays, where comics are consumed by people of every age. It's a bit childish, not everything makes perfect sense, but it's creative - these people invented it all, it's the beginning! And there's still some youthful charme that makes reading these early issues very enjoying. It's just so cool to experience the origins.

JackStamper member

"Now that the Avengers are without Iron Man, I can...wait...'Now'? I'm looking into the past, don't I? I could've went to this moment at any given time. In fact, I'm in no hurry to exploit this moment, because it stays within time. Guess, I'll make myself some hot cocoa."


"I could make robotic duplicats of each of the biggest enemies from that time. But...no, I just make one from a street-level hero, even the Avengers don't fully trust. That's the smart way of doing things!"


"I know where Tony Stark is." - "That's not, what you said, when I picked you up. You said, you wanted to be an Avenger." - "Yeah, I hoped I could take his spot. I'm a tech genius as well, you know?" - "You knew he was being kidnapped, and didn't tell us sooner?" - "Easy, Thor, he was under no obligation to report a kidnapping..." - "YES, YES HE WAS!"


"Wait, the real Spider-Man is here?" - "Yes!" - "How! We're in South America! And I only said the name of this place within the walls of Avengers mansion!" - "It's easy, you see...huh...well I...how DID I get here? And more importantly, how do I get back? It's a schoolday!"


"Blast the Avengers! They have beaten me again, and there's no way I can interfere anymore, now that the moment has passed...wait a minute. Computer? Build robotic clones of Magneto, Doctor Doom and the Hulk, and send them exactly to the point in time, where Spider-Man arrives. Don't hurry, we have all the time of the world. Man, time travel is awesome! Only an idiot would screw this up!"


Yeah, not a fan of this issue, the Cameo is weak (it's a Spidey-Robot, who beats all of the Avengers, until Spider-Man inexplicably appears for the last six pages, beats the robot and...kinda disappears. It makes the Avengers look very weak and Spidey barely appears in person. Also: Time Travel-Stories always feel weak, when you remember, the time traveler quite literally has all the time of the world, and still fails somehow.