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Avengers (1963) #13 cover

Avengers (1963) #13

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

Our story opens with the Avengers stopping a fur robbery. Erm...not to argue, but isn't that a big like using a canon to hunt flies? Aren't the Avengers for fighting something too big for the individual members? Or was that their equivalent of a Sunday stroll after a stressful discussion? Anyway, this angers the head of the Maggia, Count Nefaria. He chooses to get his catle to america and invite the Avengers for a charity event, only to drug them and sent duplicates to the US, declaring war on them. You know, as a superhero of this world, I would probably stay away from any charity events, where I don't know the host.

We continue with the Teen Brigade getting themselves captured, and getting spotted trying to contact the Avengers, getting captured again, while still captured. Afterwards Nefaria uses a device, that freezes Thor in place. Then Giant-Man, after he touches Thor. Then Wasp, touching Giant-Man, because she felt it was a good idea to make that statue even more ridiculous. Iron Man at least had the brains to touch the wall instead, so he is glued seperately to the others. And so everything is back on the shoulders of...really? We need another "Cap is totally awesome"-scene? His achievement here is basically being the slowest of the bunch, so he could see, where the trap is. He gets called weak by Nefaria, frees the Teen Brigade and gives them one last chance to be of use in this story, before going on and, surprisingly, actually getting captured himself.

But the Teen Brigade actually managed to free the others (developing the ability to fly, it seems, since it was made pretty clear, the ground was full of this paralyze-discs), and they managed to capture a distracted Nefaria, who tries to bribe them and spill the beans, right in front of an officer. So, everything wraps up without too much hectic at the end, the Avengers are free again and Wasp is shot.

...wait, what? Yeah, in the last Panel, Rick holds an unconscious Wasp saying, she got shot (off-panel) by a stray bullet. This ends the story. Was this a last minute idea? Well, either way, we now enter the finale for the first Avengers-Team...

thetrevdor member

@JackStamper You forgot the part where Count Nefaria sets up his murder castle in New Jersey.