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Avengers (1963) #14 cover

Avengers (1963) #14

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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Captain Britain04
Captain Britain04

I hate how inferior they make Captain America look. All he was doing during the battle was keeping the aliens busy so the others could deal with them later!


'Yes, Avenger! Whatever flesh and blood can accomplish, Thor shall do!' What an heroic sentence :-)

With the Wasp about to die, there seams something real at stake finally. It gives this issue a more serious and a bit more personal tone, which I always like.

JackStamper member

Well...once again we have an alien of the week. I thought, we're finally through with them? Well, anyway, even though the choice of them was odd, the story was fitting. The wasp is dying, only one specialist could safe her with experimental methods, and he's been abducted by the aliens, who stumbled upon him. But he wasn't held against his will, he decided to help them, since they actually have problems fitting for his expertise as well.

And the aliens? Sure, "we are the superior race" and all that like always, but besides that they were written quite nuanced. They are hiding from a war with another race and already lived on earth for a while. They only want to stay, until their enemies stop searching for them, and have no intention of conquering earth. They don't really care for earth, actually, but this also means, once they're spotted, they have no trouble seeing earth as their battleground. It takes the Avengers threatening them to move away.

Well, need stuff to laugh instead? The first part of the story is unintentionally hilarious. Wasp is dying, and Giant-Man just goes cuckoo, hitting the ground in desperation, attacking what seemed to be the only doctor capably of the situation, accidentally killing an alien in the process, and so on. Melodramatic without end. It had me chuckling all the way through, even though the situation was quite dire.

Other thoughts: Thors hammer officially became a tracking device in this issue. The enemy hides in the arctic? That's no continent, dudes, that's an ocean more or less covered in ice...at most they hid in Greenland somewhere. Antarctic would've been the better bet, though. And congratulations! We've gone through a hole comic without degrading the Wasp somehow. Mostly, because she was unconscious the hole time...

Overall, quite nice comic.

thetrevdor member

The art in this issue takes a huge dip in quality from the previous issues. It's a real clash in style from Don Heck's pencils over Kirby's breakdowns.