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Avengers (1963) #15 cover

Avengers (1963) #15

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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Wish we had gotten a little more info about Heck's new blue helmet on Pym... guess it doesn't matter in a few issues anyway...


@JackStamper @I_See "...introduced in his own segment in Tales to Astonish...which we can't read,..." oh man... now I feel like I just can't sleep until I read that issue (lol... but seriously)

JackStamper member

@I_See It was introduced in his own segment in Tales to Astonish...which we can't read, since only the Hulk-stuff is uploaded. So...yeah, all I know is "last attempt to make the character more interesting. Failed hard."

JackStamper member

An epic, yet flawed conclusion to the Zemo-storyline. Stan obviously was wrapping up a lot of his former ideas, to make everything ready for his second team of Avengers (next month concludes the Brotherhood of Mutants in X-Men, so two of them can join the Avengers), so Zemo starts one last battle against the Avengers, re-recruiting the Melter and the Black Knight (leaving the Radioactive Man to sulk in the neighboring cell), kidnapping Rick Jones and keeping the other Avengers occupied by having them battle fitting menaces, like having the Melter fight Iron Man, the Black Knight Gi...oh, pardon, the Black Night gets Thor. Giant-Man has both the Enchantress and the Executioner. And he's still winning. Okay?

The battle in New York is standard hero/villain-stuff of doubtful proportions, but the worst point of it was the fight between Iron Man and the Melter, for one fatal flaw: The Melter won. IF the story itself remembered, what it was doing. In one scene, the Melter managed to fuse Iron Mans shoes to the ground, saying, he has now no way to dodge, so he can melt everything of him. Then we jump to another fight for about two pages...and afterwards, the Melter attacks Thor and Iron Man is free! What happened? We were cheated out of a tight spot for Iron Man!

Oh, and anyone asking about the Wasp: At first she managed to follow Rick in the plane, actually managing to be useful by keeping an eye on...oh, no, wait, she turns around to warn the others about the Melter attacking the plane. Which is useless, since he already starts, while she was talking. Nice move there, nearly made her a valid member of the team. Well, at least the could summon an oil can to make the Executioner slip.

As for Cap: He flies behind Zemos jet, somehow still locating it, even though it had to arrive at Zemos hideout way earlier, since they managed to get Rick into a contraption, that quickly lets him become a meatshield for their Anti-Air-Guns (so Cap accidentally shoots him). He saves Rick after nearly shooting him, lands, and quickly cuts of Zemos army from himself. Zemo lets the moment to shoot (when Caps shield was away) pass, and says very slowly, he is now going to shoot Captain America. Cap uses Solar Flare (meaning he positions his shield to reflect the sunlight into Zemos eyes), so Zemo throws his hands up and shoots into the air, causing a rockslide, that buries and kills him, but not Cap (who's shield prevents him from being buried under the ground, apparently) and not Rick, who...presumably stood some way to the side.

The funniest thing about this comic was undoubtedly Stans attempt to justify both the Melter and the Black Knight in a prison cell with their costumes on: The cell has been treated in any way possible, including a special coating for the bars, so they can't melt. And a group of experts is on their way to learn about their costumes, which is why they are allowed to wear them. Of course...

Overall, as I said, an epic story with lots of actions and several points, where you just have to sigh and move on. Conclusion to the attack in New York next issue!