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Avengers (1963) #16 cover

Avengers (1963) #16

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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An amazing issue, for the first time there's this more complex and epic feel that's been missing in previous issues. I'm very sad to see Iron Man leave the Avengers, but the writer did a great job of getting across what it means to Stark as well as Giant-Man and the Wasp to leave that team. Once an Avenger- Always an Avenger! The new additions are interesting (Hawkeye in his classic costume looks super cool btw) and I can't wait to see how this new team will work together.

I'm still waiting for Rick to leave, he's as out of place as ever and kind of destroys the pictures he's in - sorry.

I hope it won't take too long until it's finally revealed that Tony Stark is Iron Man, that story feels a bit dragged out by now. But even more I really hope that he'll join the team again soon. An Avengers team that doesn't have both Cap and IM just seems incomplete.


Revealed!! "Plan D"... the Avengers last resort! (lol)

and awesome editor note on page 10 panel 2. 

JackStamper member

Ok, §"%$% it, this stupid comment-section is eating my posts again. Here the quick summary:

-Avengers lineup changes

-Hawkeye applies by breaking in and tying up Jarvis, really wants to show his worthyness by using the butler as a target.

-Wasp initiates the understandable breakup by being more whiny than needed, and is the only one not talking about a "leave of absence

-Free of painful Wasp-dialogue (Yeah!), now comes painful Wanda-dialogue (No!)

-"Since you are my older brother, I will do anything you say."

And the last bits, which I thankfully safed:

And just after Cap finally gets the recognition of being appointed team leader (finally abandoning the rotating-system for a stable hierarchy), Hawkeye is asking himself, for us to read, why he is team leader, when he has no powers of his own. I...this is...look, Hawkeye...supersoldier serum, enhanced strength, these are powers. Way more than you have, in fact your skill with the bow alone is equaled by his skill with his shield. And, besides that, he is the only currently active member, who was an Avenger for longer than two minutes! Of course he is the leader, what did you expect?

That being said, the issue was very refreshing. The villains at the start are defeated very quickly, so the rest of the issue can simply be about the Avengeers getting a new line-up, and Captain America getting home the hard way. I really liked that!


@JackStamper Jack, copy your comment before posting so you don't lose it.