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Avengers (1963) #17 cover

Avengers (1963) #17

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

The first Outing of the new team! And they continued the "why is Cap the new leader"-theme throughout the magazine, with not only Hawkeye, but also Quicksilver thinking about replacing Cap later on. Wanda was behind him all the time, and Quicksilver and Hawkeye were won over during their first battle (which proved Cap not only fighting very good, but also thinking strategically, knowing when to command which person to use which power), although Cap remarks he is unsure what will happen, once they experience their first setback.

While they are searching for the Hulk, we actually getting glimpses of what happened during the Hulk-issue: A very enjoyable glimpse into another adventure happening parallel to this one - although I would've hoped the adventures were more interwoven (f.e.: The cave-in could've been caused by the Hulk punching the wall in his issue, or maybe the others got free after something thrown by the Hulk leaves a gaping hole in the ceiling of the Mole Man). Still, a very nice technique, and I wish this would've been implemented more often back in the day. Well, at the end of the issue, they decide, they don't need the Hulk, which is both a great teambuilding moment - and very shortsighted, because even in the story, Quicksilver remarked how helpful the Hulk would've been. And while they are able to fight without him, he obviously would be a valuable addition. I understand however them stopping to look exclusively for him.

Then there's the enemy of the issue...no, not the Minotaur, who was just this months monster used by the villain. I'm talking about the Moleman, who quite frankly was done as a character by now. At least this time he didn't have platforms under cities anymore, instead one underneath a rock plateau, where the Avengers conveniently all got together. Or...did he have trapdoors like that under every rock in the desert (By the way: Nice idea to get the Avengers to "the desert". Since obviously there is only the one desert , and it's small enough to know where they'll be)? In the end he sends the Avengers back to the surface, before they can destroy him...but if he can make a glass container rise that quickly, why not use it to squish them against the ceiling? Or use it to trap them in a cave without an exit? Why going through the trouble of raising them to the sky? Because he is the Moleman...he never made sense and it was very easy to write yourself into a corner with him.

Overall nice first Outing, only lacking a villain of some credibility.


Too bad we don't also get the original letters page at the end. Itd be neat to read what fans thought of the "New Avengers". A bunch of criminals!

JackStamper member

@I_See Well, Probably nothing now, since the letters needed some time to arrive. By this point, they may had the reactions of Avengers #15, where no change in the lineup was on the horizon.

But yeah, the original letters would be nice to read.