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Avengers (1963) #18 cover

Avengers (1963) #18

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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They talk a lot about propaganda in this issue, but obviously this story is a rather embarrassing piece of propaganda itself. No, thanks.

Grantosium member

This is possibly the worst issue of 1965. I still have 6 months worth of 65 to read but it will be hard to beat the outright uselessness of this ish. On the plus side, I laughed loudly at QS and SW's tickets conversation. The look on Pietro's face as he pauses before revealing that his tickets are for the circus was devious.

rodolfofariasjr member

Well, if Captain America was fighting Nazis in the 40s, it's no surprise he'd be fighting commies in the 60s. However, he was fighting in the 40s under the authority of the United States army, what authority gave him the right to fight these people?

JackStamper member

Okay...this isn't one of their best adventures. Quicksilver was completely right to object: Why should the Avengers go into another country, pretty much leading to an international incident? Like it or not, they represent America, so this could be counted as a threat by...erm, the commies (It's not made clear, if this is a soviet or a chinese puppet state, so lets just use commie as a description).

Well, our story starts proper with a night off for all of them, which leaves everyone to do, what they like best: Quicksilver goes to the circus, Wanda watches a play, Cap sulks in Avengers mansion because he has no friends, and somehow sitting inside this building doesn't give him more friends, and Hawkeye makes a safe rise into the air. Erm...okay, Hawkeye, seriously, can you stop demonstrating your power by committing crimes?

Regarding their enemy: Back in the early Silver Age, 70% of the bad guys fell into one of three categories: Communists, Robots and Aliens. 80% of the twist endings revealed were the revelation, the enemy, they were fighting, actually belonged to one of thos categories. So it's kinda sad to fall back into this age again: Their enemy is a communist...and the twist is, that he is actually a robot. Well, at least they actually gave the Scarlet Witch the spotlight here: She got the info from Cap, but that doesn't matter: It was her who finally revealed the truth, so she became the MVP of this issue. Just try to have her not be captured that easily next time, okay?


Avengers first representation of "red fever" commentary. Great little piece of history here.