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Avengers (1963) #20 cover

Avengers (1963) #20

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

"Hey Stan, the Swordman-Story seems nice, think you can do something like that again?" "What? Doing the Swordman-Story again? But why should the Avengers ever consider him as a potential addition again?" "No, I didn't mean that, I meant-" "Wait, I got it! He gets a thumbs up from Iron Man!" "What?" "Only it's not Iron Man, it's the Mandarin, who can make an illusion of Iron Man everywhere he pleases." "That again? And isn't Iron Man currently having his long storyline fighting the Titanium Man?" "It's a hologram! He can send those, whenever he got two minutes of free time" "Urgh...well, do you start right after the resolution of the first Swordman-Story?" "Oh,m come on, why wait? I have the Mandarin teleport him outside, make his projection and teleport him back. Then he shall wait there as a sleeper agent." "Wait...so you mean, the Avengers have a member, who is secretly a villain? Wow...that's something new, that should be great, that's..." "...kinda hard, but I think I can stretch it two pages long." "...of course. And then? Iron Man back?" "No, I don't have the patience for that." "What?" "The Mandarin doesn't have the patience for that. Swordsman of course already planted a bomb-" "-which the Avengers never discover-" "-...yes, because it looks like one of the dials on their machines. They have plenty of things on them they don't know about..." "...okay?" "And then the Mandarin appears in the night via hologram and warns the Swordman, he will detonate the bomb, and he, as his agent, shall get to safety. But instead he tries to retrieve the bomb." "Oh...great! So he saw the light while working as an Avenger?" "Well yeah...but mostly, he thinks killing the Scarlet Witch is wrong." "...you don't really like writing girls, do you?" "What? I love it! And hey, she gets to say her opinion twice this time!" "Does she get shot down both times?" "Well, yeah, but-" "Of course..." "Okay okay. Then he also thinks basically stabbing the Avengers in the back is a bad move. Plus he enjoyed his time as an Avenger, and he is a tragic figure, making enemies with the Avengers and the Mandarin."

In all honesty, This story still is nice and something new for the Avengers. But progress in some fields can't disguise still lingering problems in other fields. The most glaring one: Why has the Swordman to be discovered before this first issue ends? Why not having the mistrust towards him for another few issues? Have him really grow fond of the Avengers over time! Make his supposed betrayal all the more meaningful by having the Avengers trust him by then!

Of course, his story would only work as long, as nobody phones Iron Man...