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Avengers (1963) #4

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The Story
The legend lives! Captain America steps out of the ice and into the Modern Era, helping the Avengers against enemies alien and Atlantean!
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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NewAgeOutlaw member

I can't wait to see who has a new costume next issue!


Again this original version is just so much better, with the Avengers being the first human beings who Cap sees when he wakes up. They are kind of like his family now. That's what I'm missing so much in the MCU version of the Avengers where they are randomly put together by Fury and have to get along. 

On a side note: Namor is a great character. :-)

gwines member

#4 - 3/10/1964: ***; read 10/3/2014; The legend lives! Captain America steps out of the ice and into the Modern Era, helping the Avengers against enemies alien and Atlantean!; Captain America details how Bucky Barnes died; Cap had been frozen 20 years; guest: Rick Jones; a continuation of the battle with Sub-Mariner from last issue; reference to AAA; Captain America becomes a member of the Avengers; Rick Jones becomes Cap's assistant

calecp01 member

The Wasp ducks out of the final battle to take a dump. No, really.

rodolfofariasjr member

No, she leaves to talcum powder her face & make sure she doesn't sweat. During a battle!

JackStamper member

A classic...although most people would be astonished, by learning Captain Americas return was in a story, where a broccoli-alien was blackmailed to turn the Avengers into stone.

Also: You have to love Namors moodswings. "That shows once more, I have to work alone." Three panels later: "Thank god, I'm not alone anymore!"

kgoetz144 member

Yes, I was astonished. soooooo many random alien invaders/visitors in the early days. wonder if they ever stop making references to the year or are we to presume that the marvel universe takes place in the 60s and 70s? just throws me off when they say WWII was twenty years ago.

JackStamper member

@kgoetz144 At first they tried to let the time pass in real life: That's why Peter graduated somewhat quickly and so many villains served their term in just a couple of issues. They switched to a slower passing of time eventually, and it got slower ever since...it's kinda difficult to find the balance between "making it realistic" and "reality is killing our characters". I mean, if you let them age realiustically, the children of Reed and Susan Richards should be in their fourties! And Spider-Man would be 65 or older.