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Avengers (1963) #9 cover

Avengers (1963) #9

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The Story
Immortus, Master of Limbo, begins years of manipulation by joining the Masters of Evil and fragmenting the Avengers! Earth's mightiest heroes battles titans from across time, and nothing is as it seems!
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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Man, so much boulder throwing in this issue! Why didn't Thor's hammer revert back to a walking stick after 60 seconds? 

JackStamper member

@calecp01 It's a bit strange, but the Hammer only reverts back, if Thor actively turns back into Don Blake. If he does not, than the hammer stays  a hammer.


@JackStamper but he did turn back to Don under that boulder. How was it any different from that situation when the hammer got stuck in that machine back in Journey #106 and then turned into a stick? Or am I missing something? 

JackStamper member

@calecp01 @JackStamper Actually, I think the instance in Journey into Mystery was wrong here! I faintly remember the explanation being "Transforming into Thor transforms his stick into Mjöllnir, transforming back transforms the stiock back as well. Being without the Hammer for 60 seconds, and he looses all the power, but the Hammer remains as it was, and he only needs to touch it.

Loki once trapped his Hammer under a forcefield, and it remained a Hammer. The Story with the Stick in the machine was pretty...stupid anyway.

JackStamper member

And with that, Wonder Man is born...and dies in the very same issue. I'm sure we'll never hear of him again...

A nice comic, though Wonder Mans death was unnecassary,  and the loyalty of the two Asgardians to Zemo is still ill explained. All in all, there was so much plot, they could've split this into two parts, so, in other words, the story feels rushed at times. But it's a good plot, and a good new character. No surprise he gets revived later on.