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Captain America (1968) #159 Cover

Captain America (1968) #159

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.20
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ddavfan member

Another OUTSTANDING 1973 Cap issue!  Steve E. and Sal are in as good a groove as Stan/Jack in early solo Cap (100-110), or even Roy T and Heck/Buscema in Avengers 30-60!  I loved last issue's classic "last panel villain team reveal,"  as I have a goofy love for all the grade B villains working for the Cowled Commander.  I have a lot of sentimental feelings for old Porcupine and Plant Man from the X-men and Torch feature in Strange Tales, as well as Viper and Eel.  The character interactions with Sharon, Leila, and Muldoon were good, the scene layouts and pacing dynamic, and we even get some twists in the mystery of the Cowled Commander, with some red herring thrown in, and a final villain reveal that took me by surprise.  This issue rocked like Roy T in full swing on an Avengers '67. I am very grateful to be filling in some gaps in my 9th-10th grade reading memories of issues I never bought, and finding out there WERE some gems in all the early 70s marvel dreck.  Excelsior!

And I am always grateful when Marvel digitizes a letters page -- they're very quaint and revealing time capsules.  Check out the 1973 print run for Cap, a middle tier title at the time -- 349,714!  Whoah baby, those were the days!