Captain America (1968) #162 Cover

Captain America (1968) #162

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
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shaunqb member

I enjoyed this issue. It was nice getting to finally see Peggy and Sharon's connection revealed. I already knew about it, but it didn't make it any less exciting. It'll be interesting to see where Cap's relationship with Sharon goes from here. Also, I'm hoping that having another person in his life won't end up pushing Falcon further away from himself. I do like their team-up that they have going on at this point.

ddavfan member

Solid issue, despite the fact I find Dr. Faustus a boring and annoying villain.  As with so many villains, you want to shout, "just get a gun, or have your goons shoot [enter hero name] NOW for God's sake, instead of pretending your stupid, egotistic head game plot is actually going to work in the end,"  Oh, and P.S.  -- "hire some guys that can SHOOT! Gott in himmel!"  :-) etc. 

But Steve Englehart keeps it plausible the whole way through, strings the mystery woman thread along nicely until it is revealed in all its legitimate cleverness, presents an acceptable series of head game theater scenarios for the heroes to work through, and provides an ending that is both a nice resolution, and creates some potentially important implications in the Cap-Sharon relationship.  I am very grateful Steve Englehart and Sal B. had a long run on this title.  A real pleasure compared to the Thor, FF, and Captain Marvel stuff churned out alongside in 1973.