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Daredevil (1964) #10

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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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rodolfofariasjr member

Being the 60s doesn't give an excuse for a villain to name a device creepy-peepy, Wally! Haha

JackStamper member

Well, Stan left the writing to Wally Wood this time. So how does he hold up: Actually very, very good! It's a mystery, and he actually introduces a couple of persons, who could be the big bad. While the lackeys looked silly on the cover, they're absolutely capable in the story and proof to be a challenge for Daredevil. And we even have some politics involved! Though I wonder: Wasn't this plot that known in the sixties, or is it plot convenience, that nobody second-guesses these attempts on the party, seeing how they all failed and only brought more publicity?

Both Daredevil and the Organizer are no fools, carefully planning their moves, getting the better of the other at times. Daredevil even compromises his goals here: Instead of trying the near impossible and going after the kidnappers, he settles for nabbing one of the gang, turning him over to the police. And the gangster actually try to silence the guy! This story is way more logical and intelligent than a lot of the previous issues. Kudos, Wally!

nunobrito member

Parece que a equips estava bem HIGH.

alefq member

Agree!! :-)

pantrax360 member

Funniest part of this comic is the last note: that Wood has left it to Lee to write DD out of this mess.