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Daredevil (1963) #3

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The Story
Daredevil battles The Owl, the overlord of all crime in Manhattan! Matt Murdock must defeat The Owl in order to save Karen Page!
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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Brentp256 member

FYI...the Smart Panels on this issue are way off.  They continually cut off words.

JackStamper member

@Brentp256 That happens once in a while, the reader seems to dislocate itself sometimes...try emptying your cache and reload the issue, maybe it works then

JackStamper member

Be aware, Daredevil, your opponent  is a mob leader...wait, every third Marvel villain is one or aspires to be one? Well...this one is different...he has the uncanny ability to...fly! Wait, every SECOND Marvel-Character can do that? Even excluding the Angel and the Vulture, we have Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, the Human Torch and Namor just from the top of my hat, who can fly. And they ALL have a better explanation than the owl. Which basically just is: "I can."

Still, a good Daredevil episode with several points I love. Matt Murdock hears Foggy Nelson turning the Owl away as a client, because he is clearly guilty. Matt then steps in, takes the phone and says, he will defend him - because everyone has the right to a defense lawyer, and denying that right is judging them before trial.

Later, when the Owl tries to pressure Matt Murdock into helping him, Matt realizes the threat, before it even starts, by recognizing the scent from the Owl, as soon as he's in the next room. He would have solved the problem very early on, if not for some bad luck - Karen Paige coming bacl inside for her lost purse (somehow getting into the other office room for that).

Matt as Daredevil carelessly kalls Karen by her name, and later explains, it's because she was in his dreams for so long. Mushy stuff aside, even in the sixties everyone has to know this is a terrible lie, which should only make Karen even more suspicious. Why not this route: "I've been on the Owl for some time, and when he hired that layer Matt Murdock, I observed your office for a little while to see, if you're clean. I heard your name, and I couldn't get it out of my head, no matter how hard I try." That's mushy as well, but a logical explanation for him hearing her name!