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Daredevil (1964) #5

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The Story
Daredevil vs. the mysterious Masked Matador! Ole, DD!
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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JackStamper member

Everyone looking for a goofy Silver Age-Story: Look no further. This one is incredible. The villain, the Matador, does exactly what you expect him to do: Wave a red cape and make people jump at the wrong place. AND IT WORKS! And don't misunderstand me, he has no powers. He's just that good!

He beats Daredevil with the advantage of a noisy place (which disrupts his radar) and later robs a - ready for this? - a burglar alarm-factory! By pole-vaulting over the fence, throwing his cape over one guard and...pulling a lever slightly out of the reach of a normal person with his sword. This somehow makes him the most beloved person of the city!

This story is baffling from beginning to end, and just a joy to be read. Whether it's Daredevil reading A backstory from a newspaper article, and concluding from nothing, it has to be the Matador, to the Matador walking into Murdocks office, when it's "closed and deserted", yet still expecting Matt to be there, talking to him, until noticing, he is not...and then turning his head to see Daredevil in plain view! And don't forget the final method of defeating the Matador, which is...well...a joy, you have to read for yourself.

Hilariously stupid issue, a mist-read!