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Daredevil (1964) #7

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The Story
Daredevil vs. Namor, the Sub-Mariner! Can DD stop the might of the monarch of the seas?
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  • Imprint: Marvel Universe
  • Format: Comic
  • Price: $0.12
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MMMstan member

Stan Lee uses some great story elements here to develop the necessary drama. It has great locale that artist Wally Wood brings to life. It starts in Atlantis and proceeds to New York and into its courtrooms. Matt Murdock gets to represent the Prince of Atlantis but its the holding cell that enrages Namor to no end. This makes for one of Marvels most unlikely of pairing  to duke it out. It's definitely one of DareDevil's single best early issues as well as one of Stan the Mans finest. Yes Of course Wally Wood defined DD's look this issue by ushering in the famous red and black costume but overall I gotta say his artwork throughout the entire issue which makes it a classic as well. The final fight between DD and Namor was great. Namor is stronger and DD outmatched but  DD endeavors to take the talk reason to the Prince of Atlantis anyway.  Namor naturally overcomes DD's best  but it's his acknowledgment that DareDevil is the most courageous human he's ever faced that makes it for me Great Stuff!!

JackStamper member

Best issue of Daredevil, yet, though only barely muscling #1 out of that position. It still has some goofy elements (Namor, what you want isn't a common court...you want to talk to international organizations, the UN, the international Court of Justice, and so on!), but overall, it's a nice meeting between Namor and both Matt Murdock and Daredevil. As a lawyer, Matt does an incredible job of keeping Namors interests in the case and keeping the king himself on a leash. And as Daredevil...he is hopelessly outclassed. But his courage enables him to fight Namor longer than others would, leading to Namor acknowledging him as a worthy opponent, even more courageous than the FF or the Avengers, even though nowhere near their powerlevel. So he respects Daredevils wish to avoid a fight and just flew over the troops...which Matt stated to be too far for him, just a few pages earlier. But oh well, it's still a very nice ending!

Oh, and yeah: The second costume is WAY better than the old one.

pantrax360 member

Glad that old costume didn't last. It was an eyesore. Poor Namor—I don't think his honor geta challenged enough in this tale, since there's not one "Imperious Rex!" in the whole book, Or had no one come up ith that yet?