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Fantastic Four Annual (1963) #2

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Ok, first of all: Reed Richards, you chauvinistic pig! "Reed, I was a fool" - "Not a fellow, just a female, I expected nothing more." Combined with him simply excluding Sue for the first time...but okay, let's leave it be.

A very nice annual with two nice stories, the first appearance of Latveria and a very intelligent conclusion to the second one. For those, who don't get it: There never was an encephalo-gun. Everything after Dooms and Reeds drink was in Dooms imagination. Evidence: The ludicrous machine, Sue somehow knowing about it enough to panic, Doom somehow knowing, what it does (claiming it's because of his intelect, but more likely, because it already is in his head) and Reed standing somewhere else, after Doom had gone.

All in all: Great classic issue!

calecp01 member

Actually published in Sep of 1964