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Iron Man (1968) #68

Iron Man (1968) #68

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pgw78 member

The letters page of issue 72 confirms that the nose was Stan Lee's idea. It also shows that many fans at the time were less than happy with the change. They say that the creative team at the time liked the nose, and specifically say that Stan still firmly supported it. The nose stayed for nearly two years. Given that, I'm guessing the story of it all being caused by Stan's "Where's the nose?" comment being misunderstood is just legend.

shaunqb member

I'm not quite sure what made them think that a nose on the mask would be a good idea. It looks awful.

pgw78 member

The story goes that Stan Lee came by, asked "Where's the nose?" (meaning that the faceplate looked too flat to accommodate Tony's nose inside), and the artist thought he was being ordered to draw a nose on the armor. That lasted until Stan came back and told them to get rid of the nose. Not sure how much truth there is to that, but I haven't seen a better explanation. Personally, while I agree the nose looks silly, I kind of like it. I wouldn't want it on the modern suit, but on the one with built-in roller skates a bit more silliness seems fitting.