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Iron Man (1968) #89 Cover

Iron Man (1968) #89

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  • Format: Comic
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pgw78 member

Wow. When Daredevil was stuck missing the last flight out because of the fight, I was sure the answer would be Tony Stark's private jet. Instead, Tony uses his influence to delay the plane in Newark. He messes with the travel plans of dozens of people and throws off the takeoff schedule of one of the busiest airports in the country because "I'm rich, and my friend, who doesn't have a ticket yet, is running late." Well, at least he probably helped out a couple of passengers who got stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel traffic jam the battle caused last issue. (I do love the idea that in the Marvel Universe that becomes part of the traffic report. I wish they'd explored it a bit more. "Traffic is backed up at the Lincoln due to marauding supervillains. Your best bet right now looks to be the GW. But head for the lower level. With the Vulture heading in that direction, we might get some upper level delays...")