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Journey Into Mystery (1952) #106

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #106

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

This is both a very good issue, with great action and a very good Tales of Asgard-part...and a mindblowingly stupid one. Thor is about to turn back into Don Blake and tries to hide...IN A CROWD! Hyde and Cobra fall for the same trick twice...didn't Thor just tell them, Blake betrayed them and summoned him? And yet they trust him again? Even, when he again wishes something concerning his Cane? And the lame guy manages to jump into the crowd faster than the two villains can stop him.

Thor later battles Hyde, looses his Hammer yet again, and decides: "Aw, screw it, a minute is enough to pummel him." He rather risks turning back into Don Blake than...erm...I guess loosing the opportunity to stroke his ego. "If I can't defeat him without the Hammer in a minute, I'm not worthy of the title of God." Thor...wisdom is important, too. And you really fail at that sometimes...

Instead he counts the seconds (so, no Hammer, timelimit, and thinking about something else...), and after loosing his hammer, making the statement about defeating Hyde without it, being tackled by Hyde and throwing him into a wall...he is at 5 seconds. Let's hope, the Hammer counts just as bad.

That being said, there is a lot of good stuff inside, and the Tales of Asgard was great as always: Balder the Brave shows his courage and loyalty. Although I would've hoped Odin just having a change of heart, after seeing Flora and Fauna saving Balder, instead of quickly saying, he ordered them too. But that's a minor issue.