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Journey Into Mystery (1952) #109

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #109

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  • Format: Comic
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Brentp256 member

However, the Jack Kirby art is really fantastic in this issue!  Most every page has detail and excitement worth viewing and enjoying!  Kirby is really on his game in this issue! 

JackStamper member

Oh, how I wished they were more open for experiments and such. This comic basically is one half of a story. Magneto manages to track down the X-Men and sends his team to locate their headquarters. But while they accidentally engage the X-Men, Thor attacks Magneto. And later in the battle, when Magneto sets a trap...the X-Men catch up to him, disable the trap and they continue the hunt via Submarine, leaving Thor alone. Nowadays, we would've seen the other side of the story by picking up Uncanny X-Men, but here...too bad this concept wasn't around already.

On its own: It's very strange that Magneto doesn't recognize Thor and vice versa, and that Thor doesn't realize the X-Men drove Magneto away, even though the Avengers already had contact with them (okay...Iron Man called them at a meeting, but still). Also, the story is more "Thor stumbles over Magneto, after the latter shot magnetic waves down the road for no reason at all, they have a little fight over who's the greatest, Thor forgets the 60 seconds-rule, loses his powers, gets them back later, and then Magneto flees before the fight can really continue." Not the best guest appearance, but Magneto in general still wasn't that great a villain, interesting powers, but was too hammy. He'd get better later...


@JackStamper Thor will meet the X-Men three months later in X-MEN #9, where Cyclops will zap Mjolnir out of his grasp!