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Journey Into Mystery (1952) #113

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #113

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Don Blake tells Jane he is Thor! And...she doesn't believe him. Since Odin took his powers away...yeah, nice copout, Stan. Later he gets his powers back, but since Jane is a girl with cooties, she fainted right before that...and afterwards, Don lost his courage again. Ugh...

Well, aside from that and some other little blunders (No, Gargoyle, turning the elevator-cables to stone doesn't make them carry your weight better, it makes them brittle and heavy, so they should collapse under themselves. Also: Since when can you turn stuff into stone permanently?) this story was a great little adventure, with a surprisingly brutal ending for the villain.

What's quite noticable is the increase of Asgard playing into the main story, with a new Asgardian as the hero in the end, and some more screentime for Balder. Also: Loki is more and more resembling his modern interpretation, not openly antagonizing Thor, but simply scheming in the background. And this time, he didn't need to do much. I love, hw he just walks in, looking a bit arrogantly, and only gives the things a little nudge to get, what he wants. And a little while later, he needs no force, but just uses the powers of his words to keep his plan going. Nice!

Which makes it a disappointment, how he is treated in Tales of Asgard. Thor is perfect, in every way, and he gets his wishes now and forever. He, a little boy living in his older brothers shadow, only escapes punishment thanks to his brother, and people talk openly, how evil he is, and how nothing good can come from him. How the hell could he grow up any other way than loathing Thor and the other Asgardians? To bad, Stan didn't realize, how bad Asgard was portrayed in this story...