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Journey Into Mystery (1952) #118

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #118

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

How come I forgot to comment here?

A very nice comic about Loki letting the Destroyer loose on Thor...only to realize: "Oh, fiddlesticks. The Destroyer really is much stronger than Thor and will kill him. This will somehow be blamed on me again!" So he tries to get Odin to stop the Destroyer...but Odin had fallen into the Odinsleep (not yet named that way) and can't be disturbed. Instead the guards hand him a copy of the tale: "The Boy who cried wolf" and throw him into a dungeon.

Thor already faced the indignity of being hit by a tranquilizer, but better waking up from a nice unwanted sleep, than being destroyed by ...well, the Destroyer. Though...he won't be destroyed, he'll be transformed...though, than again, destroying him would transform him as well, from flesh and blood to ash. Still: Transforming sounds like it sets up a big copout...

Tales of Asgard has a nice little story: Thor gets a magical gauntlet, that makes both him and the person he shakes hands with tell the truth. He tests it on the captain Loki got for their journey, and immediately löearns about him wanting to kill Thor, disposing of him. More luck next time, Loki!