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Journey Into Mystery (1952) #120

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #120

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Loki...last time you fought tooth and nails to NOT have Thor killed. And now you aim to do that once again? Okay...well, at least he's not using the Destroyer again, but the Absorbing Man. So far, next to Loki himself, the best Thor villain at all.

And yeah, Thor was away for quite some time. And he just expects everyone to be okay with an unexplained several weeks-absence. From all the super heros with human jobs on the sideline, he probably is the worst off: His patients need him daily, he can't really miss a day without consequences, let alone weeks. And poor Jane always has to clean up behind him. Though, according to an earlier fantasy of hers, cleaning up behind her man is a her vision of a perfect life...

Also: Who would've thought a human steel mill is all, that it takes to repair Uru metal? And that Thor himself is a capable smith! Well, at least he seemed savy enough to keep the cut off part of his hammer...or did he replace it with regular metal? Also: It's amazing how knowledgeable Thor can be: "This container has some steel, that would be melted in later anyway." Says who? Why do you just KNOW these kinds of things?

Tales of Asgard has no real Loki-scheme this time, just some more character development for Volstagg, but also Hogun the Grim. Plus: All the females of Asgard wishing the warriors goodbye...no one of them on the ship! On one hand, this alone is kinda sad, on the other hand: At least we're no longer dealing with casual 60es sexism during this journey...right?