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Image Featuring Jack Kirby

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83

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The Story
Introducing...the Mighty Thor! The most exciting super hero of all time! When the Stone-Men from Saturn invade Earth, only the lame Dr. Donald Blake can stop them -- but he stands no chance, not until he strikes a wooden stick on the ground and finds himself transformed into Thor, God of Thunder! Watch as Thor learns how to wield his hammer in battle! Only this new hero can save the Earth from being conquered!
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snick_hill member

I wish they had gone a little more deep in explaining the origin. You can't just become the God of thunder. perhaps something like the original Thor was somehow killed or exiled, only to rebirth as Dr. Blake, who remembers who he once was after seeing the cane..but again,these were the fifties..nothing ever seemed stupid in those days I think..


Gosh it was luck that the message carved onto the hammer was not only in roman script rather than runes but also in modern English rather than the old Norse tongue.


Like AMAZING FANTASY #15, this issue is labeled August 1962. Did they hit the newstands the same day, or did one come out a week or more later?

I'd really like to know who's the slightly older character: Thor or Spidey!

jczerzzz member

hope they add the unlimited version

JackStamper member

A great way of getting the powers, and a nice, if a bit stiff explanation of his powers. The Aliens of this week were kinda lame, though, and not fitting as a villain for Thor. Still, a solid start.


@JackStamper The "explanation of his powers" had been disavowed by the time the Lee/Kirby team settled in at issue #101. By that point, Thor could control weather without the hammer-tapping. Also by that point, the hammer would revert to a cane when released for a minute!

The "way of getting his powers" was nonsensical and left much to be explained. I don't think even Lee/Kirby understood the origin story back then! They finally explained much later, in THOR # 159, that Don Blake was never a real mortal at all! Years before the events of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83, Thor had been transformed into a human with all memories of his life as a god erased!

JackStamper member

@Eatonlake @JackStamper It certainly makes a lot more sense with Blake being a god in the first place, but...I liked the reincarnation-story more, made him more grounded. But I suppose it just produced more and more problems...


Aye. Let us enjoy for the first time, again, our journey unto Ragnarok! Prepare Jormungandr for a new heaven and earth awaits our fatal final fight. Thus speaks the purifying fire Empyrius! Make mine Marvel!


One of the most epic Hero origins of all time. The Mighty Thunder God!!