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New Avengers Series
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Gildog member

UM..........what is going on with the Show More thingy??  I can't get any other comics than the 10 showing!!  GRRRRRRRR..........

sblackwell13 plus member

@Gildog Thank you! It works on mobile, but I want to read it on my laptop.

txnmxy member

Started this series thinking I'd enjoy it....

Now i'm left with the same feeling you get on a free game with in-app purchases.... (Saleswoman voice) "for more on wtf just happened, read our OTHER comic called the Avengers!"

norbertomorvan plus member

like his work on the Manhattan Projects, multiple reads of Hickman's work reveal little details that may have not seemed important at first.  It has to be reread from the beginning and in sequence.  his stuff is like comic book Netflix; best consumed in one large sitting.  the time gap between books doesn't help with all of the exposition and keeping track of the new characters and concepts.  this will be an epic read in trade format I think

Malbrack member

It is so painful to read through what Hickman and Remender have done with the Avengers recently. It is hard to follow. It feels kind of stupid and contrived. I care nothing for the characters. And to make matters worse, this series is an all men's team (and some of the more annoying dudes in the Marvel Universe at that). Ugg. At least we have Ewing's run of Mighty Avengers. It is sooo much better than this.

ddavfan member

Concur with 4score.  The art is great, but Hickman's cosmic drama has deterioriated into a cosmic Fractured Fairy Tale.  What, about 15 different, new cosmic characters/terms/episodes thrown in here?  It's diahhrea of the mouth, plot brainstorming, shotgunning that should have been trimmed down, or thrown out.  Mysterious beautiful alien chick babbles like a stoned out hippie in this issue.   We've gone from drama to over the top silly/satire here.


This storyline has gone beyond bizarre to downright unreadable.  WTH is going on?  I guess I haven't bought the 3 other titles needed to keep up.  And with this issue the artwork went right into the crapper.  A female artist?  Who'd thunk?


@Mamylon @4Score I thought it was a girl at first too but Italians have "feminine" (as I guess Americans think, well i'm american) names. Like Andrea Divito from Annihilation.