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I freakin love this series. The writing and art really propel this book. I am coming up to infinity and I'm really look forward to how Hickman puts all this together. Though I have heard there was some disappointment to this event if not the series so far, I think being an optimistic fan of comics with some knowledge of marvel has given an opportunity to really to enjoy this series and see what a Marvel series can offer. 


Anyone know why issues #36 & 38 are missing on here, yet all the other future ones are listed? I was wondering this and also with Iron Man jumping from #28 - 34 as well. Anyone have any ideas as to that? I'm farily new to Marvel's comics and was wondering if you guys could help me out.

ddavfan member

Wow.  This Revolution thingee is a peach.  Hickman is making the Avengers as wordy and SUCKY as Fraction is making the FF wordy and sucky.  No wonder so many of the titles rebooted after 12-15 issues of Revolution suckdom.  Yawn....

rj155500 member

I don't know if anybody ever posts on these pages, but I would just like to say that if Hank Pym doesn't get credit for creating Ultron in the next Avengers movie . . . . I'm not going to pay to see it in theatres. 


@ddavfan Amen my friend.... These stupid-assed restarts are for one thing and one thing only... SELL ... more people by number 1's than anything else.... they should call all issues number one... and avoid the confusion... lol

HudsonHouse member

@ddavfan new Avengers inst really a high octane book so I think Hickman is compensating for the lack of action by adding "literary intensity". Avengers is the book people new to comics and Avengers in general will probably buy in new Avengers he has the freedom to create his own playground. So I like the "wordy-ness" of New Avengers. If comics were food I would say this book dds a flavor to my palette that I don't want to leave anytime soon, but comics don't equal food so......... 


@rj155500  Tony is creating ulrton,  but my take is that its time travel as in ultron tricks tony to create him............  being said in Ant-man movie Hank Prym is old as freking hell AKA Micheale Dougless,  so we will see

janecat13 member

@rj155500  Well since Hank Pym hasn't been introduced yet, it will be Tony's creation, but Im hearing from the stars the script is excellent, and is a much more quite film than Avengers, kind of like Winter Soldier was, in that there was more depth, so I hope you still see it :D


@Berserk1300 @rj155500 I think the best theory I've heard, and the one I think that will apply given the emphasis on the time continuum (possibly to introduce the Time gem), is that Howard Stark and Hank Pym develop the Ultron program some time in the past. Tony will only update the program and kickstart it; he'll also put a little of himself into the program, and this is precisely why it backfires. Antman comes out a couple of months after Age of Ultron; there'll definitely be a connection.