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People who think Captain America shouldn't be "sci fi" don't know anything about the character to be honest. He wasn't a boring Noir Wannabe tale until Brubaker, and all of Brubaker's fans can go jump ship and let the rest of us get back to who Steve Rogers actually is. 


After following this character for 47 years, the current creative team and their chosen direction, I dropped this title 3 issues into the "Dimension Z" story line. It wasn't the art, which was not my favorite. Many people find Remender an excellent writer, based on his, I believe, X-Men run (I cannot speak to this as I quit reading those books years ago, too convoluted for my taste), I can't say. I can say that I feel that his time on this title has been the most disappointing run I have ever witnessed.No. I haven't totally dropped the book, until the last issue, but the ones I did pick up were not good, if Ii could have returned them, I would have done it.

I am aware that this  is a fictional character, lying somewhere between fantasy and science fiction, but you people have tried to inject reality into your books, bring it on, but then you are obligated to remain faithful to that "reality". In your "reality" the Super Soldier formula in Steve Rogers veins, is not still active, it is not magic potion which can be deactivated, reversed or transferred. It was a part of an experiment in Genetic manipulation, a manufactured hero. Also, just because the formula was neutralized, he does not age 70 years in seconds, unless it really was a magic potion and Professor Erskine was really Merlin in disguise.

 I have become disgusted with this money grubbing, "event" heavy approach, so as Marvel has chosen to abandon its loyal fan-base, I feel that there is only one option open to me to express my displeasure is to immediately stop buying all the Marvel titles I currently purchase. I would urge all of you to do the same.

ddavfan member

Rick Remender is hit and miss.  I found some merit in his bizarre Punisher monster world arc, but overall, it was more wierd than enjoyable most of the time.  I fear he is doing the same thing here, derailing Cap into another sci-fi one-off scenario, for the sake of being "different."  After reading 4 issues of it, I am not drawn into the doings.