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ddavfan member

Sorry, .1 and .2 rank up there as one of the sappiest stories I've ever read. Middle of the bell curve, pedestrian.  The drama of the big winter storm, such little as it might be in a comics world, is completely negated by the absolutely predictable, cliché-soaked step by step Peter/Spidey evolutions.  gee, will all the people get out of the burning building?  I think so.  Will Aunt May be okay?  I think so.  Will JJJ hate Spider-man?  Yeah, that's a safe bet.  If the point of this relaunch story was to hit every Spidey traditional note in the most flat, boring manner possible, it succeeded, as well as being an example of say, B+ 4th grade fiction.  And Marvel hired this writer because he is a... writer with talent?  Professional?  Well, that is by far the most surprising, startling thing I can say about this relaunch!  :-0