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What If? Avengers Vs. X-Men
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5.   Stop killing our heroes!

Continually killing our heroes is another area where your writing has weakened.  What, a hero/heroine has to die every other year just to keep the comic book industry afloat?  Have you become THAT desperate in your methods of keeping us entertained, fellow writers?

Contrary to popular praise, watching the hero die for the umpteenth time is NOT fun.  I, at least, am getting fed up with the whole “I DIED!” routine that has been replaying in the comics for the last twenty years in particular.  Also, this constant killing shows a complete lack of imagination on your part.

So, instead of killing off a hero, you might try writing them off as MIA, to be brought back at a later date.  Or you could get them a leave of absence, give them amnesia, or get them more involved with their civilian lives so that they only occasionally suit up to help their friends.  You could have them need to recuperate for a while, so they have to step out of the limelight for a time.

This way these heroes remain on the sidelines, where the audience can see them but where they – and you – can take a breather from the active story without giving us the now trite and expected “Death, death and…oh, look, more death!”  yay…  )-P

6.Looking to add “new blood” to the Marvel Universe?

Great idea..!  But I notice that a lot of your fan-praised additions of late have been teenagers.There is nothing wrong with this exactly; your predecessors did not mind doing it.But I am not sure your new additions have to be so young. 

Consider this:  Falcon, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch were all in their early twenties when they became heroes and heroine.  Why not add a few new heroes who are around that age?  Just because they would not be teenagers, that does not mean they would not need supervision, training, and partners among the original heroes in the Marvel Universe. 

Not to mention that, by this point, most Marvel heroes (and villains) have seniority on practically any new heroes who step on stage!!  So new heroes do not have to be really young – at almost any age, they are already surpassed in knowledge and experience by the original heroes!

7.    Bring back the original Marvel couples, please!

I would very much like to see the couples we all enjoyed watching come back together:  Wasp and Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch and Vision, Rogue and Gambit, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Jean Grey and Cyclops, Thor and Jane Foster (or Thor and Sif), and anyone else who got split up somehow.(Although, if you could keep Storm and Black Panther together, I would not be inclined to complain.)  I miss them all terribly – really, I do!

8.Stop the superhero wars. 

This ties right back in with wishes three and five.  As I said in number three, I know it is hard to come up with an entertaining plot on a tight schedule, and I sympathize with that.  But don’t you think there is enough division in the world as it is?  Having our heroes stand together – is that not supposed to help reinforce the idea that eventually the current turmoil of the world can be overcome?

Besides which, I think there may be some flaws in several of your biggest superhero war arcs.  As an example, we will use one of the ones I truly dislike: Civil War.  First and foremost, the whole Civil War story arc was kicked off by a villain, but the Avengers and other superheroes took the heat for it.  No one was furious with Nitro – the one who killed an entire town, sixty school children, and most of the New Warriors.  Instead, they wanted to hang the heroes.

Did I miss something here?  These superheroes spend years defending the world and saving people’s lives, yet so far as I know not one “regular Joe” – not even a group of “normal” people – whom they helped ever stood up for them after Nitro exploded and before the Superhuman Registration Act was passed and Civil War began.  No one said, “Leave our heroes alone.”

Okay, this is a little surprising.  I would think there would be plenty of people who would stand up and tell the Feds to “back off” when it came to registering the heroes.  A whole crowd of people stood up for Spider-Man when he was fighting the Green Goblin in the 2002 film – why the silence during Civil War?  I think this would certainly have been an avenue worth exploring.  It also begs the question:  what other possible story points did you miss out on in the previous and following superhero war arcs, fellow writers?


9.   Put the brakes on the dark story arcs and rewritten back stories. 

Fellow writers, if you truly want to write a dark, horror-filled story arc, can you do it in a branch universe or something?  All these noir-themed stories are depressing.  And most readers do not pick up a book in order to become disheartened, they pick up a book to find light entertainment.  And allow me a moment to put emphasis on light, people.

The rewriting of back stories should get dumped, or at least be relegated to branch/alternate universes if you simply cannot stop doing it.  At the rate you are rewriting the characters’ histories, you may as well have the heroes wake up to find they have inexplicably turned into butterflies, stars, or bulldozers.  That is how bad it has gotten, fellow writers!

I was led to believe one of Marvel’s greatest strengths was that you have your stories based at least halfway in reality.  Maybe it is just me, but the Marvel universe’s tethers to reality seem to be snapping at an alarming pace.  You cannot keep bragging about something you do not have, fellow writers.  Life, business, and your readers will not accept that.

In addition, both these plot types have muddied the “mainstream” comics’ line for this fan, who is trying desperately to keep the continuity of the comics’ straight.  I have a severe headache from trying to keep everything bad that has happened in its proper order, fellow writers.

10. Stop the narrow view of the Marvel Universe and get the heroes in touch with “real” people – make the heroes normal again! 

This request ties in with wish number three once more.  You know, there was no reason for you to have sent Iron Man out with the Guardians of the Galaxy.  How could the world’s tech genius hit a technological ceiling?  The planet may seem small from a six-by-ten office, but I can assure you it is actually somewhat bigger than we realize.  With our noses stuck in a computer screen almost nine-to-five, we tend to forget that, but the earth does not.  It knows how big it really is.  It is so big, in fact, that you could fit the entire population of the planet in one large metropolis in the state of Texas.  And afterward you would still have room to spare!!!

Also, Hawkeye’s latest solo series has made a pretty good point.  The heroes have been dealing with cosmic, interstellar threats way too much.  A few times a year, that is fine.  But every second month…?  That is a surplus of a good thing, guys.  Is there any way to get the heroes back in touch with normal people?  You know – the ones who get mugged, get caught in a hurricane, are having trouble getting out of a burning building, or who need their car battery jumped?  (Thor could have fun with that!)  Whatever happened to the villains here on good ol’ terra firma?  Why focus on the world exploding when you have baddies ready to cause some domestic violence?  We have seen these people take on threats in the big picture.  How well do they handle threats in the smaller picture?  In other words, how do they handle “normal” problems and “normal” people and “normal” villains – that is, baddies not necessarily bent on world domination or destruction but determined to cause general trouble? 

11. Can the Avengers and other heroes finally have “A Merry Little Christmas?” 

Please – PLEASE – can the Avengers have a calm, peaceful Christmas?  It is not as boring a prospect as it might appear at first.  Can you imagine the gang trying to decorate a Christmas tree?  What if Thor gets his hammer tangled in the lights and subsequently fries them all?  If Tony got wrapped up in Christmas lights while wearing his armor, there would be no need to plug them in – he would power them himself!  What if Wasp got trapped in someone’s Christmas shopping – would she break out, or would someone notice her in time and let her loose?

How about a heroic snowball fight?  Now that is a battle between heroes I would actually enjoy!  Among the Avengers, I think Hulk would probably come out on top, unless Thor was present.  Then it would be a contest.  Hawkeye, Cap, Winter Soldier, and Iron Man would all be crack snowball pitchers. 

How would Natasha handle a snowball fight – or Christmas in its entirety?  How would the Thing and the Human Torch have a snowball fight?  After all, if Ben dumped enough snow on Johnny’s head, he might just put his flame out long enough to win the battle!

Other options include trying to find someone the perfect Christmas present (what could you give a guy like Tony Stark for Christmas, anyway?  Socks?  Ties?  He has more money than even he knows what do with, for cryin’ out loud!), helping a fellow hero or someone else with their Christmas shopping, or popping in for a special visit to a child who will not be spending Christmas the way most people would like to spend Christmas.  All of the above suggestions might also serve to cure certain heroes (I am not pointing at you, Tony Stark!) of their “daddy issues,” too.  Literally, fellow writers, there are millions of possibilities for you to tap into here!! 

12. Please, can Hawkeye get a supporting role in Captain America: Civil War?

This last one is for you, Marvel Studios’ writers.  I know it may be a lot to ask, but Hawkeye got the short end of the stick with the Phase 2 films.  It would be really nice if he could get some solid screen time before the next Avengers’ films come out.  Black Widow had her day in the sun – can Hawkeye get some limelight now?  PLEASE?!?!

Also, I would be very happy if you brought Falcon back for Cap 3 – he was pure gold in The Winter Soldier, and I think he would only get more interesting in Civil War!


I hope this wish list is helpful to you, fellow writers.  If at some point in the future I can be of service again, just let me know!Like almost all the other Marvel fans out here, I have lots of ideas for stories starring our favorite heroes.  If you want to hear ‘em, I will be happy to tell ‘em to you!


                                         Yours respectfully,

                                         The Mithril Guardian