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Amazing Spider-Man Trade Dress
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I grandma's friend gave me his comics and one of them say march 10 1984 and the other is a little bit older and i want to make comic book heels out of them but i need to know the price so if it coast a lot of money so i wont mess it up and give it to one of my friends instead. do anyone know the price? It The amazing SPIDER-man volume 22 march 10 1984


Theres missing 24 issues for the marvel "unlimited" plan... why? so I have to pay the extra here and there to read it? Why not just say "unlimited amazing spider-man for 130$" instead? This is just annoying, I have to check before to make sure that

1: they actually have the complete serie (this is marvel right?)

2: that their available in the "unlimited" limited access plan

3: theres actually no technical difficulty with them...

4: use http://cmro.travis-starnes.com/detail.php?idvalue=3189 to search for the issue that I want to read....

Does this make sense?

Its not like they cant put all the titles in digital withing a short span of time... unless they actually make more money with the new stuff than the old? I don't know, a 70$ subscription where you just digitalise your old stuff or 70$ where you have to write it, draw it instead.... seems like a no brainer, you already have the stories, let people read them...

This just doesn't seem like the Stan Lee era anymore... hope they change.

runlogan5 member

Hey, #244 seems to be blank. Doesn't load and I tried a dozen times!

joker91977 member

why are years worth of spectacular spider-man and web of spider-man missing?


Is there a reason why I can't seem to access any of the Spiderman comics to read? Anyone else having that problem? 

mattjop1033 member

The mobile app seems to work fine. Isn't there a way they can let users on the web access through some sort of page set up like the app?

web_head91 member

This website is so frustrating to use. All I want to do is read issue #174, but it's nowhere to be found and I can't even find a single other issue in the entire series that is available to read. What's the point of paying money if I'm gonna spend all my comic-reading time searching and getting frustrated? 

thevillagehotel member

I cannot see the whole page. I usually get pages which are corrupted!

DarkLordBrannon member

I currently can't see or access any issues in this series. Anyone else having this problem?

dragonbat2006 member

Hey, how come the viewer shrunk? Sometimes I don't want to go full-screen, but it shouldn't be 1/3 of the screen either!

keithdt member

How do you even get to the spidy comics.just renewed subscription from years ago and now i can't find out how to access comics .


if i wanna read spiderman from start to finish on this site how do i do that? this site is poorly organized. like when i click on a character and it list all the series they are in, but it they are missing so many, and are also missing comics in the series

RJArmstrongest member

@yujufrazer Well it is difficult to answer that but, if you want to read the original comics i say that you should first read amazing fantasy #15(which is the origin story of spiderman) and then from there read the amazing spiderman (1964)

Manero1 member

Still no 349?


183 is now up-we just need 349!

lloyd_yayo member

This is my favorite series, please get the rest of the missing issues after 183 online.

brown338 member

We only need issues 184 and 349 for a complete run!

Evo8800 member

Another suggestion, can we tag series that we like and get notifications on when new issues in the series arrive? It would definitely help in cases like ASM, where some gaps in the issues.


Anyone know an easy way to add a whole series to your library?  I want to add all of the Spider-man series to my library, sort by release date and then read it all from the beginning.  Either I am missing something or it seems like I have to go comic by comic...which would not be great.

brown338 member

Thanks for the new Spidey comics!  16 more and we have a full run!


Man, your site is harder to navigate every time I return to it, which won't be much longer if you keep this up --- major effort just to get back to my Marvel Unlimited subscription.

Evo8800 member

@Imaniceguy Try the beta reader if you can, it works much better as far as loading comics goes.

Imaniceguy member

@smitty91 I hear you.  I have had a Marvel Unlimited subscription for over 2 years now.  For about the first year I never had any problems accessing a comic.  Since then, there was a period when I couldn't use the site from MS Explorer.  After submitting a trouble message, I was told to use Chrome.  That worked marginally.  Currently I can access the site from explorer but, the comics I select only open about 50% of the time.  Sometimes I can open a comic by exiting and re-entering my browser.  How did they break something that worked well in the past.  I am clutching to a hope that it will be corrected but, it's stupid to pay for something that doesn't work.

akureikorineko plus member

It is a great series. It is just sad that a bunch of issues are missing from it. Around issue 200 there is about 7-8 issues missing. It is kinda frustrating that they are in the middle of stories too.


@akureikorineko  There is a lot more missing than that, you have to subscirbe to marvel unlimited to access any of the ones in between. Normal customers can buy issues 1 - 67 then after that there is a lot of gaps that only unlimited get access to. These gaps include, 68 - 74, 78-87, 93-120, 123-170, 172-223, 231-292, 295-325, 340-377, 381-393. These are just from the first 400 comics, there are more missing from volume 2 as well. I am unsure as to whether any are missing from 500 onwards though.


The Night Gwen Stacey died was memorable. It was released in 1963 and in 2014 I am looking forward to this story being told on the screen in Amazing Spiderman 2 and or 3.