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Daredevil Trade Dress
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capnthordo plus member

Like many people have already stated, it would be really great to see the gaps in this Daredevil series filled in. I just finished reading Iron Man #35 and the story that was started in that issue is finished in Daredevil #73, which, sadly, is missing from the collection. I am very happy with Marvel Unlimited. In the time that I have been a member I have seen many, many missing issues from older series get added, including Daredevil, but I have to agree with others that the Daredevil series just has too many missing issues. As a fan of both the comic and the television show(very much excited for season 2), I implore you to please consider completing this collection.

Grantosium member

So currently we have 1-50 uninterrupted then 52, 53, 69 and then 75 - 84 uninterrupted, then 102, 131, 132, 146 before the next uninterrupted streak 158 - 191. Makes me wonder what's so terrible about number 51, and surely it would be worth Marvel's time to fill in 70-74, those are some relatively small gaps that could be filled relatively quickly.

Andrew713 member

Good to see more issues for Daredevil now appearing (now up to issue 84 as a continuous run). Hope many more to come in the series and well past 100 (some of my favourite DD stories)

RadioRowan plus member

Err, is anyone else not seeing a single issue of anything listed here?  Like, absolutely nothing?  Just me?

blackrule member

Too many issues are still missing....wish they'd update really soon....

hairynomas plus member

Navigating the site is not easy. You need a class on how to find comics.. I was hoping to start reading Daredevil from issue #1. The earliest I can find is #13. 

Calgarian member

@hairynomas issues #1 thru #13 are there, and yes, I agree navigation is cumbersome. I find the easiest way to get to the comics I want to read is to click on the search icon (looks like a magnifying glass), make sure that I am searching in "comics" and then input the comic book and issue number I want to read.

Softclocks member

Annoying gap from 233-253.

No conclusion to Ann Nocenti's run either. 

Makes it difficult to justify paying for this when they don't offer complete libraries. 


marcello123 member

Tommorow starts the Netflix tv show - and still Marvel has not added all the Daredevil issues yet. Whats up with you guys? Overall it seems that we get less updates from older comic series.

chrisaytes member

@marcello123 I've noticed several holes in different series here and there, and I think Marvel is trying to do a little quality-control. Fans like us want access to everything, but Marvel seems to be trying to represent key eras and must-reads. From what I've read, much of the 1990's Daredevil isn't worth reading, and today's stories really rely mostly on Miller's work, and then the 1998 series. Several other series are like this. They like to post the Stan Lee original stuff, and then they seem to be presenting the arcs that are key to how that character is currently perceived. It does help to save time, so we're not reading stuff that they'd like to forget they published/isn't key to the character, but it would be cool to be able to access everything.

sheerkahn member

@chrisaytes @marcello123 If what you say is true, I'm disappointed that Marvel is choosing to do this as a method of censoring their comics history.  I personally was looking forward to reading Daredevil 300.  I started reading Daredevil back in the 90's and was looking forward to reading the late eighties and early nineties comics, revisiting some of that history.

Sebowski member

Damnit. The whole reason I signed up for Unlimited was to read the issues that weren't collected into a trade. 

grayrender member

please upload the missing issues from this series. There are still some gaps here, including, I think, the issue where Matt comes out to Karen as DD.

ThomasEli member

With the show about to debut, it would be really great if you could post more Daredevil so we could read more of him before watching him on Netflix.

runlogan5 member

Of all the classic Stan Lee creations, ol' Daredevil's still getting no respect. Please put up more issues please!


still waiting....little help please

cotter2 member

Marvel Unlimited really feels limited when reading this series,


still waiting after 6 months, cmon give the paying customers what they want!!!!!

GodricGreen member

Can you at least give us an estimated completion time of this series?

brown338 member

Only 118 out of 380?  Come on Marvel!  We need more DD in Unlimited, please!


Agreed, please add more most people want the older issues not newer what is update history on older issues?


@rpwall82 it took forever for uncanny x-men. i hope marvel gets the picture that we are really (dare i say more) interested in the older stuff. 

dragonbat2006 member

When will you add more DD volume 1 either here or on Comixology?