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Why you gotta suck so much, MU? I can live with the incredibly buggy web site, poor UI, useless search function, missing series, and general lack of features, but so many series with abrupt, arbitrary gaps is ridiculous. When illegal piracy offers a better service than the one I'm paying for - and I'd much prefer to pay for it! - something is deeply wrong.

chickenboy101 member

Can you put the entire series on Marvel Unlimited so I can read some of the older X-Men crossover stories like "X-Tinction Agenda"? Because that would be cool.

paulcavins member

Would very much like to see the full series published here!

efgh525665 member

Bill Sienkiewicz, artist on the New Mutants in the 80's, is a genius. His style is somewhat surreal, yet inexplicably grounded and he has a talent for expressing emotion in his scenes, especially landscapes. Think Monet meets Bill Watterson, Salvador Dali (the Dali influence comes through especially strongly in his portrayal of Warlock, and hints of it seep through in his portrayal of the Bear) and Jackson Pollock (Sienkiewicz uses spattered paint and ink to great effect). Sienkiewicz's style is influenced by all the above (except for Watterson, who came later, and whose gorgeous Calvin and Hobbes comics are undoubtedly influenced by Sienkiewicz), but it's undeniably his own style, and it's better, to my eye, than those of any of the abovementioned artists. 

I have seen a lot of art, and have never been moved by an old Renoir or a pretentious Damien Hearst or Andy Warhol in the same way that I was moved by a humble page in the New Mutants. The dialogue was only so-so, and the plot almost incomprehensible (and not fleshed-out well enough- what the hell is the Bear? How did it control Dani's parents? Who controls the bear?), but I didn't care. The art alone kept me entranced.  As a big art snob, I couldn't imagine that this X-men comic, drawn by an artist I had never heard of, could have art that conveyed more emotion and had more technical skill and depth of meaning and feeling than anything by the darlings of New York artsy society. 

What happened to Sienkiewicz? What other work has he done? WHY ISN'T HE IN THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART?!?  

Savitarx member

With a movie announced really should have all issues now

Mike_Murdock member

Real disappointed by the gap here.  I was looking forward to reading this series.  Particularly with an announced New Mutants movie, I bet there are a lot of people curious to check this out.  However, I see as recently as February that some additions were made, so I'll stay optimistic that we will see more soon.

MikeMarvel01 plus member

Has anyone heard from MU as to why there are so many missing issues for the New Mutants?

wordwaster member

yet another disappointment.   don't see why anyone would stay subscribed to this.  so many missing issues from so many titles.

brianfrankenstein member

+1 for filling in 27-70, this is a big hole for Marvel Unlimited!

brianfrankenstein member

Great to see it filled up to 40!  Thanks and keep it up!  I'd love to read the entire series!

edstock75 member

Please put this series in, just like the back X-Men titles.  Thanks!


The stuff these guys said! Also, um Generation X, and a complete Phalanx Covenant and Mutant Massacre would be nice!

Sunspot100 member

Seriously, couldn't we have some of these issues..?  It'd be great to have this book completed!

fiddlefaddle member

I want to see more beautiful Sienkiewicz art! Could we get the rest of the series?

rosihorrorshow member

I also want to add to this. I would like to see this series on Unlimited.

CEChandler member

I would like to add my voice this request.  I would really love to see the New Mutants have the complete run on Unlimited.  Please add the missing issues.  Thanks!

Kurdt_Strummer member

I echo the previous statements made.  I am thoroughly disappointed by the number of missing issues.  I was so enjoying re-reading this series and am so bummed that issues 27-54 are not uploaded.  Those are some of my favorite storylines from any Marvel comic.

Ev-Dawg member

can someone add more please? I know its not a headliner comic but the storyline ties into the x-men story line.

buckeyemaniac member

When's this series going to added to unlimited?