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Fantastic Four Trade Dress
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Gildog member

Just a side note.........I was JUST 9 years old when FF # 1 Came Out!!  WOW!!  And it WAS a most  OUTSTANDING  Comic Book!!

Gosh, IF I had only KEPT those OLD Marvel Comics!!  I had FF # 1, Spider-Man # 1, Hulk # 1, ALL the FIRST EDITIONS!!  Of course, the BANE of Collectors everywhere.........My MOM.......made me throw them out when I was 14............ "You are TOO OLD to read Comics!"  which of course was the Battle Cry of Mothers  EVERYWHERE!!  Miss you, Mom.............

Gildog member

I'm just about to RE-read FF # 149, and I realized that I was in The Marines one year, when this issue came out! GOODNESS! To BE Young, Strong, and STOOPID again!  HA  HA!! SEMPER  FI  to all  my  Marine  Brothers  &  Sisters  out  there!!  OOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHH!

capnthordo plus member

FF #300 is readable in web browser, but not in MU app on tablet. If I filter for MU in the web browser #300 does not come up. If you remove that filter it comes up and has the "Read Now" option and is readable.

Gildog member

GOSH! Not only do they have gaps in the Comics Sequence.........My comics of the FF stop about 3 or more pages BEFORE the ending!! BLOODY HELL! While I know I am only paying $9.99 a month..........it WOULD be nice to read all the comics to the end! Until things get fixed, I will still say:  MAKE MINE   MARVEL !!

Calgarian member

@Gildog try reloading the comic, it almost seems like a time out problem with the comic reader software they are using.

ripsaws member

try to make the ff comics load faster thanks a lot

RHWright member

FF, like many series in the database, has wrong original dates coded as November 30, -0001. (Some on other titles are 12/31/1969) This makes sorting by oldest and reading a run in order more cumbersome. Some one needs to run a query on the database to pull all titles with that date, have some poor intern research all the correct dates, and some poor schlub in data entry re-key the info.

Ever heard of quality control?

There are 13 in Avengers, 14 in FF and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

For this we pay $9.99/mo or a slightly lower annual rate?

Don't even get me started on the poor character tagging that makes browsing by character a nightmare or the piss-poor creator and other details. Marvel.com should not only be a great place to buy and read Marvel comics, but the definitive database for details about every issue.

I love this concept, but the execution needs to come up several notches to be of the standard expected of Marvel, especially now that they are a Disney company.

Gildog member

OK,  anyone else having trouble Loading Up Fantastic Four comics today and yesterday? I can ONLY get from 401 to 286......won't let me load the rest! *SIGH*

kevoklm member

@Gildog Sort them by oldest. Im able to load them that way.

Ameoli member

I am An unlimited number since september 2013. I enjoy being able to read older comiCs that i missed out on as well as newer ones. However, for the price i am paying, i often get the feeling that i am a second class citizen. The Unlimited ipad app is not well built, crashes often and does not get better with newer versions. I like the smart panels option but the way the issues are cut up, you often miss text and images. I am surprised that disney would offer such a low quality service. I am a big disney fan having visited theme parks on a regular basis. I also like a lot of disney's movies. Marvel was also a great acquisition and the movies offered by marvel studios are top notch. The unlimited app and the program itself are really not up to disney standards. Imagine if you went to the theater on tuesday night whEn TicKet prices are discounted and the theater offered You a version of the movie without the last 10 minutes because you paid less. That's how I feel with unlimited. I really hope someOne takes notice and starts to bring unlimited to disney quality levels.

Gildog member

Hello Marvel, while we ALL know getting this Online Comics site was a AMAZING HERCULEAN TASK, do you think you can have Mr. Fantastic look at your serve and try to BOOST IT UP SOME?? It takes AGES to load up a comic, and many times it WILL NOT LOAD IT!! Yes, I KNOW I am only paying $9.99 a month, but GOSH...........can you at least TRY to look into this? Thank You and  MAKE MINE   MARVEL !!