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Ultimates 3 Trade Dress
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(Heads up for spoilers!)
I left a comment on either Ultimates 1 or 2. I was not kind in my review of the first two runs of Ultimate comics. I pointed out that it went out of its way to be overly vulgar and gross, that characters were close-minded and not likable, and that overall it tried far too hard to be an annoyingly dark gritty reboot.

And I am here to say that Ultimates 3 changed my entire attitude. I thought Ults 1 and 2 were gross, but I have witnessed a downright disgusting version of the Blob /eat/ Wasp. I thought the characters of the 2 previous runs were unlikable jerks, and yet never had Wanda and Pietro as a couple left the realm of "only subtext if you really squint" before, or Ultimate Hawkeye become manpain-ier than /the actual Punisher./ It should be obviously how clearly Loeb strives for a dark gritty reboot vibe. At least Millar had redeeming factors and occasional nice moments.

This book is a nightmare. I legitimately have nothing good to say about it, beyond that the art was /occasionally/ passable. Why on earth does the only person in this book who I agree with on Wanda and Pietro's relationship tell Wanda she should put some clothes on only a few panels earlier? But, back to the point of my review. If you want to like the previous runs in this universe more, absolutely read this book. It only took about two issues for me to begin to appreciate Millar's subtleties far more than I had in my original read-throughs of them. Is that for you? You make the decision.