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  • Avengers: Skrull Takedown

    Avengers: Skrull Takedown

    The Avengers assemble to take the fight to the Skrull Homeworld. Can they defeat the Skrulls and their Queen?
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  • Super Hero Squad: Stones of Thanos

    Super Hero Squad: Stones of Thanos

    Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet stones. Hero Up with the team to get those stones!
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  • Thor: The Defense of Asgard

    Thor: The Defense of Asgard

    Thor must defend Asgard’s gates from a collection of invaders tricked into attack by Loki.
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  • Marvel Hangman

    Marvel Hangman

    Test your Marvel Super Hero knowledge in our inventive take on Hangman!
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  • Super Hero Squad: Infinity Racers

    Super Hero Squad: Infinity Racers

    The Squaddies must use their racing skills to win the Infinity Gems from Thanos.
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  • Damage Control

    Damage Control

    New York is disaster zone thanks to Hero vs. Villain fighting. Only one team can clean up and rebuild – Damage Control!
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  • Stark Tower Defense

    Stark Tower Defense

    Dr. Doom and the Lethal Legion are launching a major assault to capture Stark Tower. Can you stop them?
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  • Thor: Bring the Thunder

    Thor: Bring the Thunder

    Thor is really angry and is ready to BRING THE THUNDER!
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  • Hulk Vs

    Hulk Vs

    Smash, bash and dash your way through two scenarios as the incredible Hulk. Tear through the Weapon X facility to battle Wolverine in the first part and then tangle with some Asgardian warriors as you make your way to the one-on-one showdown with Thor!
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  • Create Your Own Superhero

    Create Your Own Superhero

    Create your own superhero with Marvel's Superhero Avatar Creator! Name your superhero, mix and match costumes of all your favorite Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine, customize face, hair, and other features, and then post online or send to friends!
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