Marvel Consumer Products/Licensing

    The Marvel Shop offers a variety of merchandise such as clothing, toys, DVDs and more for purchase.  To visit this shop, please go here.

    For customer service inquiries relating to the Marvel Shop ONLY, please visit the Customer Service section that is located at the bottom of the Marvel Store homepage.  If you have a question or concern about a Marvel Store product, please e-mail

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    If you are aware or suspect any persons infringing on the intellectual property of Marvel, please contact and describe the suspected infringement. Please be as detailed as possible so that the claim can be investigated properly. Please also provide as much information as possible on the suspected infringer (ex. name, address, website, e-mail, phone number).

    Such examples of intellectual property infringement are:

    1. Unlicensed merchandise using Marvel's characters or names
    2. Unapproved commercial use of Marvel characters or trademarks
    3. Counterfeit products
    4. Illegal copies of Marvel material being sold or distributed.

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    For any questions about licensing or toys, please contact:
    Marvel Consumer Products

    For questions concerning Marvel products by Hasbro, click here

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    If you have a problem with a Marvel video game, please contact the product's manufacturer directly.

    For others please use the following links:

    1. Activision: Activision support
    2. Capcom:  Capcom support
    3. THQ: THQ support

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