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game is good. what makes me really hate this game is the constant crashing, the stupid pvp set up, and the need to spend money to play longer. i am a full time worker and a full time studant. i can be up one weekend destroying people online and also losing some fights, and ill be in the vibrarium league, but next morning when i wake up, and after a full day of work, i lost like 246 rating for doing nothing. what the hell? it seems like a set up. marvel wants you to spend money, but make you work for a waste of time. honestly, i feel like you have to have no life to win the tournaments because you have to be online 24 7 to win. thats bs. seriously thinking about quitting. cuz this is very upsetting and im sure i am not the only one beyond livid about this game. you dropped the ball on this development marvel.good job.