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Images Featuring Sabretooth Images Featuring Sabretooth

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My second most favorite Marvel character yet am disappointed he always gets dead or vanishes into wherever it may be. For once wouldnt people like him to be around and not as total bad guy but a mix of both good and bad yet on an x-man team. What of his past, i mean during the time Logan joins up with x-men what has he been up to? And if u all remember the psychic Birdy...she could have been a total cool character by now had she not died, would have loved to see em both back together.


Not so many Sabretooth images as i would have hoped for i mean most of em dont even show him but other members. Wasnt this aposed to just be a sabretooth slide show.


Damn! Do wish to see Sabretooth in another Marvel movie but this time as a good guy or at least being part of a good guy as well as see his true rage  (bestial)