Jean Grey School | Jean Grey School |

World History (1880 - 1950): An Eyewitness Account, with Headmaster Logan

The History of Mutant Art: From Jumbo Carnation to Kenji Uedo, with Professor Paige Guthrie

Brain Spelunking: Exploring the Recesses of Your Own Mind, with
Professor Rachel Grey

Quantum Biophysics, Molecular Phylogenetics and Other Elementary Scientific Concepts, with Dr. Henry McCoy

Ethics 101: Forgetting Everything You Ever Learned From Emma Frost, with Headmistress Pryde

Algebra Sucks: I Know, But You Still Have To Learn It, with Professor Bobby Drake

How to Weaponize Household Products, with Professor Remy LeBeau

Diction and Linguistics, with Professor Rogue

Outer Space Survival Skills: My Time As A Starjammer, with Professor Rachel Grey

Future History 101: Mapping What We Know About the World of Tomorrow, with Headmistress Pryde

Mutant Philosophy: The Teachings of Xavier, the Lessons of Magneto,
with Dr. Henry McCoy

The Art of Fighting Without Fighting, with Headmaster Logan

The Art of Fighting With Fighting, with Headmaster Logan

Zen and the Art of Ice Sculpture, with Professor Bobby Drake

Computer-Hacking 101: ONLY FOR USE TO SAVE THE DAY! with Headmistress Pryde

Downloading Foreign Languages, with Professor Rachel Grey

Sex Ed, with Professor Remy LeBeau

Know Your Alien Races and How to Kill Them, with Professor Lockheed

Mutant Literature, with Professor Paige Guthrie

Flying Into Things Headfirst, with Professor "Cannonball" Guthrie

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