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Marvel One on One

Marvel One on One: Bendis Talks Siege

Brian Michael Bendis sets the stage for the event that will shape the Marvel Universe going into 2010 and beyond.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis goes One on One with Marvel.com to talk about what's in store for the Marvel Universe with SIEGE!

Who plays a big role? What sets the stage? Who will stand up to Norman Osborn? What lies ahead? Watch this video interview and get ready for SIEGE!


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...which I have said way over length elsewhere (http://marvel.com/boards/viewtopic.php?p=4058783&highlight=#4058783). The Avengers Trinity working together again is good, but instead of the clamoring for all three to be on one Avengers team again, I think it'd flow nicely, and both stay in and help, the format of the multiple Avengers titles out now if each of the Trinity mentors (or leads) one of three separate squads of Avengers.(and as Marvel/Bendis is saying each line up Mighty, New and Initiative, plus likely Dark and possibly Young, will be shook up, I hope that is what will happen - with the occasional collaboration between the three as the continue repairing their rift with Tony)