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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Millie the Model

Being the most famous model in the Marvel Universe does not make being a suspect in a murder case any easier

By Tim Stevens

Millicent Collins, best known by her nickname "Millie the Model," is an adult female who presents as thinner than average, although there is currently no evidence of her having an unhealthy low weight or an eating disorder. Currently, the client works as a model for several contracts and is widely considered one of the top three or so supermodels in the country. The client has also been named as a person of interest in two recent murders, charges she denies in both public and with the writer.

In session, Collins has presented as largely pleasant. After years in a career where presentation is everything, she appears to be remarkably good at masking her affect. While the client insists she is comfortable with the writer, it seems clear that this comfort still does not translate into being completely authentic. In the rare moments she does let down her guard, she exhibits anxiety and anger regarding the current murder

investigation. She also expresses concern for her image and how badly her future earnings might be hurt by this situation. She also exhibits some early warning signs of developing Acute Stress Disorder.

The client appears to have several strengths that, in addition to her notable composure, help her cope with current goings-on. For one, given her career and success, Collins has a sizable amount of monetary wealth which has been shown in several studies to be advantageous in both criminal cases and in responding to external stressors. Additionally, the client reports a strong support system of friends who understand her as a person and understand the pressure inherent to her profession.

However, there are deficits as well. For most of her adult life, the client has had a relatively isolated existence. At work, she is consistently taken care of by handlers, agents, photographers, and directors. Outside of work, she is chased by paparazzi who shout their love for her and attending the weddings of super heroes. It is a life outside the mainstream that she has become entirely acclimated to and one that puts her at a distinct disadvantage to dealing with life stressors that come from hostile, or at the least, unsupportive, sources.

Collins and the writer will continue to work together on building up resources to deal with stress and build strategies about how to handle both the current investigation and the consequences of its resolution.

Millicent Collins' next appointment is set for November 25 with Doctors Paul Tobin and Vicenc Villagrasa. Please review file MODELS, INC #4 for details.

Tim Stevens is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultant and Doctoral Intern at a college counseling center currently pursuing his Psy D. who has experience with individuals struggling with difficult to manage emotions and recent trauma.

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