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Guardians of the Galaxy: Finding Fault

The team's worst fears come true in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

By Marc Strom

They told you so.

The Guardians of the Galaxy warned the Inhumans that their actions at the end of War of Kings could potentially rip the universe apart, and now those fears have come true. Beginning in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #20 on November 25, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and artist Brad Walker usher the team into the Realm of Kings storyline as they set out to prevent the universe-rending Fault from expanding.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #20 preview art by Brad Walker
According to Abnett, the writing duo has had this storyline planned for "a long time!"

"The Fault, and the 'fabric of space' problems have been part of the back story since Annihilation-in our heads, at least," continues Lanning. "This isn't the end of our first meta-plot so much as it's the next big piece of it. It's great to have the scope to run out a major storyline that far in advance."

Given that the team first formed to deal with exactly this type of scenario, the Guardians have something of a leg up on all the other cosmic groups who must deal with the Fault.

"[They're] pretty prepared in as much as they knew how bad it could be," explains Abnett. "They'd have preferred to have stopped it ever happening, of course. At least Adam [Warlock] managed to stop it from spreading and taking everything with it. At a price, of course."

In light of recent events, the Guardians might also find a newfound respect from some groups who previously disregarded their warnings.

"I think the Inhumans-especially Crystal-will be taking them pretty flarking seriously from now on," notes Lanning.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #20 preview art by Brad Walker
As for how the Guardians will weave in and out of the larger Realm of Kings storyline, Abnett divulges that they will play a key role in a number of stories.

"Realm of Kings is a collected bunch of Fault-related story strands leading to a big and wild situation, so the Guardians are going to be very much involved," he elaborates. "Their story strands will touch on the Inhumans' in particular in coming months, and they're going to play a big part in where this is all going."

Issue #20 also brings another roster shakeup for the team as the writers seek to bring as many characters as they can through their pages.

"There are so many cool, cool characters lying around unused in the cosmic playground," laments Lanning. "We want to get them all back, and have fun with them, and find out which ones worked best, and which ones work well together."

And this particular shakeup will bring a number of familiar faces back into the fold.

"Well, this is the moment when the recently returned Moondragon becomes an official member, which should lead to some interesting interplay with her father, Drax," reveals Abnett. "Her first storyline as a Guardian will feature a major guest star role for Xarth's Mightiest Heroes,

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #20 preview art by Brad Walker
the Luminals, who seem to be very popular with the readers. We keep getting asked to bring them back."

Beyond dealing with the Fault, the Guardians will also have to contend with at least one other problem that will resurface in the near future.

"We're about to pull the rug out from under you in a very major way," warns Lanning. "You think a major story line's been put to bed. It so hasn't."

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Fantastic. My LCS BETTER have a copy of this comic waiting for me in the store with a written apology as to why they are underordering this comic book....lol