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Marvel Motion Comics

Marvel & Aniboom: Motion Comics Finalists

Presenting the five finalists in the Marvel/Aniboom contest. See them now!

The votes are in, the dust has settled and five finalists from the world's largest online animation studio Aniboom remain!

With phase one of the Marvel/Aniboom Motion Comics contest complete and the grand prize of $10,000 dollars still up for grabs, the competition is heating up as hopeful animators vie to the be the coveted last finalist, a wildcard slot.

All contestants were given access to exclusive Marvel content featuring a few of the Marvel Universe's most popular characters: The Hulk, Wolverine and Marvel's original space cadet, Nova. Animators were asked to give their best Motion Comics interpretation from classic Marvel stories.

The Hulk vs. Wolverine story was written by acclaimed film, television and comic book writer Jeph Loeb ("Heroes," "Lost" and "Smallville" and Marvel's THE ULTIMATES and CAPTAIN AMERICA) and features art by Ed McGuinness (HULK, THE ULTIMATES, DEADPOOL). The NOVA story was written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (WAR OF KINGS, ANNIHILATION) with art by Kev Walker (MARVEL ZOMBIES, EXILES, THE ETERNAL).

Voting for the competition's wildcard spot begins November 9, so there is still time for all those last minute submissions out there. Head over to Aniboom.com for more info.

In the meantime the five finalist have arrived, check them out right here on Marvel.com:

John Griffith's "The Stronger"

Eric Hunn's "The Worst Part of Getting Your Memories Back"

Justin Acree's "Nova: All For One"

Mike Peraza's "Nova Mojo"

Pryce Dunclaf's "All For One"

For more information on motion comics please visit Marvel.com at www.marvel.com/motioncomics.


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I really liked John Griffith's "The Stronger" over all the other motion comics. It kept the integrity of the artwork and infused an exciting 3D feel throughout. He seemed to be able to map the 2D drawings onto a 3D surface without distorting the original images. I did get dizzy during that one spinning section though and would tame the action there. I also liked Pryce Dunclaf's "All for One" but feel he got carried away with some of the non-stop camera work. He also lost parts of the original art during the annihilation battle. He did however incorporate wonderful scenes of acting missing in other's works.I thought Mike Peraza's "Nova Mojo" had a great feel throughout and felt drawn into his story telling. I would have given him my top spot but thought his 3D add-ons were simply that. They didn't fit and were jarring. I did enjoy the lighting mood and music that he added to give a cinematic experience. Eric Hunn's "The Worst Part of Getting Your Memories Back" had very nice moments, particularly during his beginning sequence. His credits were simply striking and hands down the most professional. He also did a solid job with character movement throughout.Justin Acree's "Nova: All For One" also had good areas but again interjected a jarring 3D helmet and a misplaced homage to 2001 Space Odyssey with the rock tumbling. Overall, a tremendous amount of thoughtful work by all of these finalists.


Griffith's Wolverine video was great, but I think I have to go with Dunclaf's Nova. That was fantastic. All of them were good, but Hunn's Wolverine seemed a little rushed, while Acree's Nova was entirely too slow. I liked what he did with the "helmet cam" view but the Worldmind voice was just WAY too slow. It just seemed a little too contrived. Like he was trying to get it to sound like HAL from "2001: A Space Oddysey". Hands down Dunclaf's is the best. It wasn't rushed, but it was constantly moving. Give this guy a job.