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Ms. Marvel: Swing Date

Matchmaker Brian Reed discusses setting up Carol Danvers on a date with Spider-Man

By Marc Strom

In last year's MS. MARVEL ANNUAL #1, the titular heroine agreed to go on a date with Spider-Man in exchange for his assistance. In MS. MARVEL #47, on sale November 25, writer Brian Reed and artist Mark Robinson see that she follows through on that agreement.

"Spidey helped her out in a seriously big way, and she made a promise," Reed reminds. "Carol is loyal to her friends, and hey, maybe she wanted to see if he was a guy worth having dinner with."

As for Reed, the reason for bringing the two heroes together once again proved simple.

"It started with the Spidey story that turned into [MS. MARVEL ANNUAL #1]," remembers the writer. "I got the two of them on the page together and their dialogue started flowing. I probably wrote 50 pages of dialogue for a 30-page comic. They really became a good comedy duo for me as I was writing that. I'm not claiming they're as well-written as Cary Grant and

Rosalind Russell in 'His Girl Friday,' but it's that kind of quick banter and comic timing that these two characters seem interested in doing when I write them together."

Carol doesn't want to spend too much time brooding on the recent happenings of her life, from the events of Secret Invasion to Dark Reign and her apparent death, and this date just might help take her mind off things.

"She's got that attitude of 'you get knocked off the horse, you stand up, dust yourself off, and climb back on,'" remarks Reed.

All the same, some loose ends from the recent past might resurface in the course of the evening.

"Something comes up in the dinner conversation with Peter that's going to gnaw at Carol until she deals with it," reveals Reed.

MS. MARVEL #47 cover by Pasqual Ferry
Situated between the "War of the Marvels" storyline and the upcoming build to MS. MARVEL #50, this issue serves as something of a breather in the ongoing story of Carol Danvers.

"Yeah, we had a big crazy story that went for more than a year with Secret Invasion, Carol's spy adventures, death, and resurrection," recounts Reed. "So it felt like we needed a month off to catch our breath, have a little fun, and get ready for the next big story arc. Issue #48 is the start of the throw down Ms. Marvel's fans have been asking for since issue #1."

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