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The New Avengers Must Rescue Hawkeye From The Dark Avengers

Jessica Jones leads her team of Avengers to rescue Clint Barton, but are they too late

Spinning out of DARK AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS, Clint Barton (aka Ronin) is Norman Osborn's prisoner...but the mightiest women of the Avengers intend to change things! NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #3, from award winning writer Brian Michael Bendis and red hot artist Mike Mayhew present the team of Jessica Jones, Spider-Woman, Mockingbird and Ms. Marvel on a quest to save their captured comrade-no matter the cost! But are the Avenger's playing right into Norman Osborn's hands.

Critics continue to praise NEW AVENGERS, with IGN.Com raving, "Bendis has proved to be one of the most consistent comic book writers; not only of his generation, but in the history of the form. Across myriad titles and years worth of work, the man has produced dependably good, and oftentimes great, comic books."

Will Jessica Jones and her teammates be able to save one of their own or will their daring attempt be met with disaster? The fate of Clint Barton will forever change the Avengers and NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #3 has the answers!

Pencils and Cover by MIKE MAYHEW
Rated T+ ...$4.99
FOC - 11/12/09, On Sale - 12/02/09

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Sure, I can come up with at least two good logical not mutualy excludive reastons to explain these pictures, but I'd rather Join the chorus:Why is Clint naked?


Wow! this looks great! But why is Ms Marvel there looking at Clint naked? that is kinda wierd. Also Venom licking clint is kind of....wierd....I cant imagine how pissed Clint is right now being so close to Norman and Bullsye and not being able to kill them. I bet that Clint is gonna break out, steal his old costume back and go help cap out in Siege.


I don't think the New Avengers [i] have[/i] to save Hawkeye. I think he's perfectly capable of saving himself.Dang.. $4.99 - This better be 100 pages.