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FIRST LOOK: What If? 2009 Pt. 1

Behold the final covers to these alternate takes on Secret Invasion and Daredevil vs Elektra

COVER BY: Leinil Francis Yu & Gabrielle Dell'Otto
WRITERS: Chris Acosta, Karl Bollers, Michael Gallagher & Kevin Grevioux
PENCILS: David Manak, Pow Rodrix & Larry Stroman
INKS: David Manak & Carl Potts
COLORED BY: Frank Martin & Daniele Rudoni
LETTERED BY: Jeff Powell

We all know how Secret Invasion ended with the Skrulls defeated and the death of the Wasp and the Skrull Queen. But what if it happened another way? Get ready to check out two widely different tales exploring that question. In the first story, scribes Kevin Grevioux (NEW WARRIORS, Underworld movies) and Karl Bollers (EMMA FROST) ask more questions: What if Reed Richards was killed before escaping from the Skrulls? Would our heroes still have won the day? Or would Earth embrace the Skrull way of life? In other words, "WHAT IF THE SKRULLS WON?" Illustrations by hot newcomer Pow Rodrix (Justice League America) with digital paints by Frank Martin (THUNDERBOLTS). The second story presents a twilight zone take on the question, "WHAT IF THE SECRET INVASION STAYED SECRET?" by newcomer Chris Acosta with art by Larry Stroman (X-FACTOR) and Carl Potts (Alien Legion). Plus a "SAY WHAT?" comedy strip by Mike Gallagher (Mad Magazine) and Dave Manak (Spy Vs. Spy). 48 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T ...$3.99
IN STORES: December 2, 2009

COVER BY: Klaus Janson & Dean White
WRITERS: Karl Bollers & Michael Gallagher
PENCILS: Rafael Kayanan & David Manak
INKS: Rafael Kayanan & David Manak
COLORED BY: Lovern Kindzierski
LETTERED BY: Jeff Powell

Daredevil. Elektra. Once upon a time they were star-crossed lovers, but then fate took a tragic twist leading them down wildly separate paths. He became Hell's Kitchen's blind seeker of justice while she became a servant to the Hand and their deadliest ninja assassin. But What If...events occurred differently? What If DD was inducted into their evil order in her place? WHAT IF DAREDEVIL DIED AND WAS RESURRECTED BY THE HAND? If that question provides you a gnat's whisker of intrigue, then you definitely won't want to miss this What If special based on the seminal early 80s Daredevil run by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson! By Karl Bollers (WOLVERINE: HUNGER) and Rafael Kayanan (Conan The Barbarian). Plus a "SAY WHAT?" comedy strip by Mike Gallagher (Mad Magazine) and Dave Manak (Spy Vs. Spy). 48 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T ...$3.99
IN STORES: December 16, 2009

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I think that solicits showed a showdown between Thor and the Sentry coming up in mainstream somewhere. I don't remember where exactly I saw that though.Hey, maybe these WHAT IF's aren't garbage. Can you judge before you buy? WHAT IF? SECRET INVASION #1 has many writers on it, so I am hoping it's good. Sweet mother of covers.


Man Thor V Sentry is something i have wanted to see for a long time. I hope Thor shows him what true power is!! :thor:

Zalanth member

Both sound cool.The thing is, let's be honest guys and gals, the last few years of What If have been pretty much garbage. There's been the odd good one here and there but for the most part they've been pretty disappointing.It's such a shame as it's a great concept! So my hopes aren't really sky high for this but it'd be nice if this was a return to the earlier quality of the series.


all i'm see'in is that thor vs sentry on the first cover, somebody needs to make that happen in the mainstream