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X Necrosha

X Necrosha: The Perfect Circle

Chris Yost shares his thoughts on the characters featured in X NECROSHA: THE GATHERING

By Kevin Mahadeo

When it comes to the X-Men crossover event X Necrosha, writing partners Chris Yost and Craig Kyle found that in order to bring the event to life, ironically, they needed to focus on death.

X Necrosha follows the leather-clad Selene, as she raises the dead mutants of the Marvel Universe in a quest for vengeance against those she believes wronged her. To put her plans in motion, the centuries old Black Queen has spent the last few years gathering an inner circle of followers.

"Selene wanted her own little coven, kind of like Emma Frost," explains Yost. "We'll see that as much as she may hate Emma Frost, she saw that it wasn't a bad idea to have your own little group of worshippers and powerful mutants that would kill for you and die for you."

Each of those gathered hold powers related to death and some even have first hand experience with the Grim Reaper. The upcoming X NECROSHA: THE GATHERING one-shot-which ships December 2 and features art by a bevy of talent including Kalman Andrasofszky, Leonardo Manco, Ibraim Roberson and Mateus Santolouco-reveals the story of Selene's inner circle and how each member fell into the self-proclaimed goddess's thrall. Yost took some time out from necromancy to talk about the characters of THE GATHERING and what he loves about these powerful death dealers of the Marvel U.


Real Name: Selene
First Appearance:
NEW MUTANTS #9 (1983)
"I remember she stood out. She was different from the rest of the Hellfire Club. Emma Frost and Sebastian [Shaw] and [Harry] Leland and all those guys were mutants, but she seemed a little different. She was a goddess that was hanging out with these guys. Where they were bad people; she seemed like an evil thing. She had a different agenda from everyone else. The Nova Roma story in NEW MUTANTS was the introduction to her, but [I liked] seeing her in New York with the Hellfire Club or even when they were fighting Nimrod in Central Park. Or seeing Rachel [Summers] trying to kill her and Wolverine stopping her. Wolverine is going to regret that decision."

Real Name:
Clarice Ferguson
First Appearance:
"I love Blink. I loved her in 'Phalanx Covenant' and I remember being radically sad when she died. Or did she die? We were going through a list of potential characters and Blink came to mind. It's a combination of the pink skin and the diamond on her forehead. I think it reminded me of Sinister, one of my favorite characters. The haircut, the pink skin and the diamond on her forehead-and the most kickass power. The way that they portrayed the teleportation that she did, she was afraid of it. The first thing she did with her power was kill somebody. She literally sliced somebody to pieces with her power. That's how she took out a full powered Phalanx. She cut him apart. You're going to see a lot more of that, for instance, when she fights Archangel."

Real Name:
Suvik Senyaka
First Appearance:
"He is a guy who died, like, nine times and kept showing up. The first thing I remember about him is that he killed a nurse just to do it, and Magneto killed him. And then he just showed up later randomly. We'll be mentioning that here and there, but he's a guy that just seemed like a killer. We kind of take not necessarily the Omega Red approach, but basically [his whips] drain the life force out of people. We're kind of going on a death theme, so his whips actually pull people's life force into him. By killing people he gets more powerful."

Real Name:
Lois London
First Appearance:
"We knew that we wanted all death-related stuff and she was one of the mutants still around with a full-on death power. She can literally kill with a touch. She killed some hobo and a cat in her big appearances. We wanted that kind of mutant on team, so she made perfect sense. Unfortunately, as much as I love Dazzler, I did not actually read her book. So, this was all research. Her power scared her. Someone was trying to blackmail her and she needed help. Oddly enough, she got it from her abusive father as opposed to her super hero sister. We'll be exploring some of that in THE GATHERING, but on top of having a death power, she seems like someone who could easily be manipulated. Throughout all five stories, you're going to see Selene manipulating all these people."

Real Name:
First Appearance:
X-FORCE #3 (2008)
"He's been in the background throughout the entire [X-FORCE] run, but you saw in X-FORCE #11 his origin and how he's been alive for thousands of years. He was one of the first people that Selene manipulated into helping her back in Rome, where she wanted to sacrifice the entire city to become a goddess. He messed it up, but he loves Selene and wants to
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They make some of these characters sound eager to kill instead of using some of the manipulative power of persuasion and/or psychic powers that Selene actually has at her disposal. Why make it sound like Whither so much wants to kill? Urges, sure. Natural born killing power, certainly, but Whither WANTED to be good, they could've at least made it sound like he was twisted enough by Selene to suit her purposes after Frost failed him and call it that.Not the first conflicting solicit treatment, and not the worst of them either, but I just wondered about the need to make some people sound more villainous than need be (in an age where grays produce such great stories). I still see myself enjoying the heck out of Necrosha though, so this is no rip on the quality of what these guys have been serving up.


I can't help but think that if Rogue did not get control over her powers, she would end up as one of the Black Queen's inner circle. So maybe that is the key storyline Legacy tie-ins. Only time will tell.Anyways, there's just something about X-necrosha thats seductive. Is it about the black? Maybe it's the theme of darkness and death that Yost and Kyle have perfectly brought to life (pun unintended). Or maybe it's just the black queen in her scantily clad garb lol.