Ghost Riders: Back with a Vengeance

The new Vengeance goes after Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze in GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN’S ON FIRE #5



GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE #5 preview art by Roland Boschi

By Marc Strom

Once you get a taste of Vengeance, you can't go back.

Writer Jason Aaron and artist Roland Boschi bring the new Vengeance, Deputy Kowalski, to the spotlight in GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE #5 on December 9. Though Kowalski first appeared in Aaron's first Ghost Rider storyline, his current status didn't come about until very recently.

"I had plans for Kowalski the whole time, from when he first appeared in my first arc," remembers Aaron. "And after I brought back Danny Ketch, the one character fans kept clamoring for was Vengeance. So it all came together."

Vengeance has sided with Zadkiel in his current war with the Ghost Riders, a decision that had a very simple motivation:

"He just wants revenge on the Ghost Rider, Heaven be damned," remarks Aaron.

For the writer, at least one major similarity exists between Kowalski and his predecessor Michael Badilino, the original Vengeance.

GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE #5 preview art by Roland Boschi
"Neither one are really straight-up bad guys," Aaron notes. "Kowalski isn't evil. Under different circumstances, he could've maybe been a hero."

As HEAVEN'S ON FIRE rockets towards its conclusion, Vengeance will make one last effort to exact his revenge against Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze.

"Like the rest of Zadkiel's 'Ghost Rider Revenge Squad,' we'll see him looking to bust the heads of the Ghost Riders," Aaron. "So far though the Squad doesn't have a very good success rate."

In this story, Vengeance also teams up with the Orb, a character whose appeal seems obvious to Aaron.

"Who doesn't love a guy with an eyeball for a head?" the writer wonders, before going on to characterize the Vengeance/Orb pairing as "an odd team, that's for sure. Even though they're supposedly on the same side, the Orb actually seems to annoy Kowalski as much as the Ghost Riders do."

With only two issues left in his fan-favorite ride with Ghost Rider, Aaron promises fans a great deal more insanity before he reaches the finish line.

GHOST RIDERS: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE #5 cover by Greg Land
"Guns Nuns! Zombie bikers! And as the end of HEAVEN'S ON FIRE nears, Zadkiel looms."

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